Nier Re[in]carnation Teaser Released Yesterday

The Nier series have always been a great franchise in their respective platforms. It invokes emotion and bring forth things that you may have a hard time expressing in video games. There is this one moment in Automata that you will delete your own save file just to save someone, a total stranger somewhere also playing the game. That is something for a video game to do, but maybe we can anticipate them doing some sort of thing also, in their Nier mobile game?

Yes, right now there is a possibility that we might have a Nier mobile game in the global version, but one thing's confirmed. Yesterday, Square Enix released a trailer for one of their upcoming mobile games, Nier Re[in]carnation. The teaser is filled different sceneries with Memories, Longing, Solitude and Salvation showing up each time the scene changes with the final sentence showing up "That is the place called the cage...". Which then shows up Nier Reincarnation.

According to the end of the clip, this will be developed by AppliBot and CyDesignation would be in charge of the character design. With the release of the teaser, a lot of people have shown interest in the game. According to some commentors in r/GachaGaming, the genre of the game will be RPG and will both be catered in Android and iOS. No release date has been known yet so let's wait for the other details soon.

With a deep lore and a story that will bring you excitement and curiosity, will you be playing the game soon? Tell us in the comments below!