Night Crows is an upcoming Unreal Engine 5 MMORPG with a teaser trailer released!

Night Crows is an Unreal Engine 5 MMORPG that was first announced during the G-Star 2022 period. The game is being developed by a new Korean development studio MADNGINE and it will be released on both mobile and PC as a cross platform title.

night crows main.png

In case you didn’t know, the people behind MADNGINE are veterans who previously worked on V4, HIT, and Overhit.

The game is said to feature a 1000-player PVP mode with players being able to engage in aerial to ground combat through gliders. Night Crows’ background is inspired by 13th century Europe that is plagued with chaos due to power struggles and rebellions. There are various events that you will encounter as well.

night crows.png

Players will be playing the role of a Night Crows member, the shadowy group that manipulates events behind the scenes. Stay tuned for future updates!