Nigma Galaxy Wild Rift Adds Former Amihan Esports Member to Its Roster

Nigma Galaxy, an esports company based in the United Arab Emirates, just unveiled its Wild Rift roster, which includes professional players from the Philippines.


Esports group Nigma Galaxy from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has unveiled its League of Legends: Wild Rift lineup, which is made up of professional players from the Philippines. Teams from esports games such as DOTA 2 and Wild Rift were invited to participate in the organization, which was a joint endeavor between Galaxy Racer and Team Nigma. Former Amihan Esports and Alliance pro player, Jelson Anthony "Jelson" Cuevas Ayon, is the most well-known of the players who have signed with the squad. A number of local Wild Rift esports competitions have taken place in the Philippines, with Nigma Galaxy taking part in several of them. Nigma Galaxy, on the other hand, has yet to win its own championship.

Ex-Amihan Esports Player Jelson Joins The Roster​

Nigma Galaxy, the UAE-based esports company, has unveiled the latest lineup for its Wild Rift division. Unlike the previous squad, which had only one South Korean professional player, Beom "Anyway" Gyu Kim, the current roster is entirely composed of the following Filipino players:
  • Yamada - Baron Lane
  • Jelson Anthony "Jelson" Cuevas Ayon - Jungle Lane
  • Yato - Mid Lane
  • Carlos "Zivs" Angelo Bonga - Dragon Lane
  • Reniel "Dr4w" Angara - Support

Jelson is a former professional player with Amihan Esports. The team was one of the finest Wild Rift teams in the Philippines, as well as the Summer Season champions of the Southeast Asia (SEA) Icon Series. However, Amihan Esports was banned from all official Wild Rift esports events following an incident that prompted the group to dissolve. Jelson was a member of Alliance until he was bought by Nigma Galaxy on 12th December 2021.

Little is known about the professional player known as Yato. He is, nevertheless, seeking to establish himself in future Wild Rift esports events organized by the Nigma Galaxy.