NIKKE: The Goddess of Victory - Shift Up's New Mobile Third Person Shooter Game Details & Release Date Update iOS Android 

Just a few weeks ago, Shift Up made a relatively huge noise within the gaming community with their new updates on Project Eve which is now highly anticipated by PC and console fans. But, there was another game along Project Eve by Shift Up that was announced last 2019 - NIKKE The Goddess of Victory. If you haven't seen Project Eve yet, why not check out our previous content. But, if you already did, then let's turn our attention to this new game!​


As you know, Shift Up is also the creator of the successful and gorgeous mobile game, Destiny Child. If Destiny Child was already impressive for you, then what more if you see this one. But, I have questions for you first. Do you like fan service? Do you like playing with female characters with visible shiny buttcheeks, thick thighs, or inappropriate anime-sized tiddies? Do you like an innovative mobile third-person shooting game? Then this game is for you!​


I mean, just look at that! And the next image too! There's no hypocrisy here tho. We've seen countless mobile games that feature this kind of character design. It adds spice to the game and this strategy is effective for the male audience, no doubt. The guns may look fantastic, but the character designing really catches the eye.​


Alright, now. Let's take a deep breath and leave this topic of fan service right here. Let's talk about the game itself. Kim Hyung-seop, the main illustrator for Destiny Child, is also working on this new game. It is said that they've used Live2D Cubism 3 version and Spine animation tech to create NIKKE. That explains the great visual of the game.​


See? It's not so hard to release your attention from that inappropriate firing pose and take a good look at what the character's trying to fire at. From the looks of it, it seems that we'll be battling against metallic aliens soon. What we're going to use against them is called "NIKKE" which means "Goddess of Victory". Sounds weird and attractive, isn't it?​


This thing called "NIKKE" is actually battle Androids. They were created by humankind after getting nearly annihilated by these metallic aliens. The game can be played in either portrait or landscape mode. Your main job is to aim. Well, it's a shooter game so that's what you must've expected too. So, after seeing and understanding the genre and characters of the game, you probably know what I'm smelling.​


Since simply aiming might be boring for you, then how about collecting female Androids? Yes! That's another core part of this game. And, just after seeing the word "collect", that already smells like GACHA to me! It's not yet confirmed but it seems that this game is leaning towards that feature. Each NIKKE has its own unique skills and guns. Since the announcement, there are 4 NIKKE characters revealed:​

  • Rapid Red Hood (Rifle)
  • Neon (Grenade Launcher)
  • Idda (Assault Rifle)
  • Vesti (Rocket Launcher)
Gameplays include PVE & PVP content, world bosses, and co-op missions. This means that we'll be able to enjoy the game with our friends too. For now, all we can see are waifus equipped with heavy artilleries. But, who knows? Destiny Child added male characters, so this one might do it too in the future.​

That's the trailer shown last 2019. They said that the game will be ready by 2020. But, due to some unknown reason, the game is delayed and we're now expecting its release by 2021. And based on what they said in a press release, there's a high chance that the release will be global. Although there's still a good chance that Shift Up will do this same thing that they did to Destiny Child - releasing it in Korea first. The only thing that we're sure of right now is that we won't be seeing the game yet until the end of this year.​


NIKKE: Goddess of Victory's official release date wasn't announced yet. But, there's a weird pre-registration on TapTap right now. As always, links are down below. The game will be released for Android and iOS so rejoice mobile fans! We may not be getting Project Eve, but Shift Up didn't abandon us! As for our usual crediting, I'm giving thanks and all the credits to Shift Up for all the images, content, and trailer that I've used. The game looks awesome and there's no doubt that the game will receive the same success as Destiny Child.

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