Nintendo Switch Accessories From Hori Leak

Discussion in 'Nintendo' started by LockDown, Jan 12, 2017.

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    Third party peripheral for Nintendo Switch has been leaked just days before the full revealing of the system. DroidXAce Shared this on Twitter via NeoGAF these are primarily associated with fighting games, If accurate, this may suggest that at least one is on the way. Nintendo plans to showcase many of the system's games during presentations on Thursday and Friday.


    Other accessories from Hori include a dock for charging two sets of joy-con controllers, analog stick grips, trigger attachments, a stand, an ethernet adapter, and a car charger. There's also a Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild skin set for decorating the joy-con grip and system dock. Additionally, Hori will offer its own wired version of the standard game controller with what looks like a monstrosity of a d-pad.

    source via gamespot
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    I am not sure it will beat the PS4. Nintendo is still putting out new 2DS and 3DS devices with new limited editions and such. I am not sure why Nintendo is not trying to get away from that ancient hardware and focus solely on the Switch.

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