No Final Fantasy Maps on Kingdom Hearts 3

Discussion in 'RPG and Action Adventure' started by LockDown, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. LockDown


    Sadly the most anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3 won't be having Final Fantasy worlds unlike on the previous Kingdom hearts game. Tai Yasue the co director of Kingdom Hearts announced this. A lot of fans were disappointed due to one of the coolest part of Kingdom Hearts are the Final Fantasy scenes especially Sepiroth gave the players a hard time to defeat him.


    Kingdom Hearts character Sora and his friends visiting Disney world films is one of the most popular aspect of the game it its franchise history. On every Disney map their is always a Big boss to fight and based from the map is what character you will be playing. But today Square Enix developers may have no plan on adding Final Fantasy worlds into the line up.

    source via gamespot

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