No Kinect Port on Xbox One S

Discussion in 'XBOX' started by LockDown, Jun 14, 2016.

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    Xbox One S will not include the new Kinect on the new console, also the adapter is not also included for your Xbox One S devices, Matt Lapsen the General manager of Xbox Devices posted this on Xbox Wire.
    Kinect USB is compatible on the slim Xbox One as you can see on the image below.


    Microsoft store said that the Xbox Kinect Adapter will cost around $50, Xbox One original can give you a free adapter if you can prove its really original, Xbox support page will provide the list or requirement for qualification for the free adapter with serial numbers.

    source via gamespot
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    Wow! Really it was a very great news. The Xbox Kinect Adapter normally goes for $50 on the Microsoft Store, though you can get it for free if you can prove you own an original Xbox One, a Kinect, and the Xbox One S. You'll have to go to this Xbox support page when you own a Xbox One S.

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