No Man's Sky Mods Now Available on PC

No Man's Sky mods are popping up already after a week of the release date. Improving the ga
me and some tweaks are being done for some motivated players, and their mods are now available for you to download. The Fast action MOD probably the most essential mod made so far: it cranks up the speed on actions so that you only need to click to act, as opposed to holding down the mouse button to "confirm" your action.

It's still very early, so most of these mods are minor. This being said, some of them are actually quite helpful, making quality-of-life improvements that smooth out some of the potentially annoying parts of the game. We've taken a dive into Video Game Mods, currently the primary site for No Man's Sky mods, and found the best changes and additions to the game that are available now.

source via gamespot

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