No PS4 Pro Upgrades for Witcher 3

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    A number of released games our receiving various advantage on the PlayStation 4 Pro features unfortunately The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt is not included in the patch. Eurogamer confirmed this to CD Projekt Red that indicated that they will focus on future projects not on patch on the old ones.

    Eurogamer points out that the game does offer 4K support on PC, though that doesn't mean that enabling it on PS4 Pro would necessarily be an easy task. This also doesn't rule out the possibility that the game will simply run better on Pro, as some Xbox One games do on the Xbox One S.


    A number of existing and upcoming games are receiving support for PS4 Pro features, including 4K and HDR which is now available on all PS4s, or improved visual effects and frame rates when playing at 1080p. Specifics for most of the games confirmed to receive Pro upgrades have not yet been announced.

    source via gamespot
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    fave ko pa naman to wala pa updates...
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