Noah's Heart a MMORPG limitless World of Wonder Out Now on Mobile and PC!

Open-world sci-fi MMO Noah's Heart is now available on PC and mobile devices in North America and Europe. The game, which was created and published by Archosaur Games and Famous Heart Limited, is a sequel to its predecessor, Dragon Raja. So, if you are familiar with Dragon Raja, you should be able to anticipate the style.

Noah's Heart beginner's guide .png

Traditional classes are absent from Noah's Heart; instead, you are prompted to select a weapon, which will decide your initial loadout and skill set. Later on, you'll have plenty of chances to modify your loadouts and your weapons so that you aren't limited to just one playstyle.

The effect of well-known historical individuals on the people and potential friends you may encounter may be seen in the game's debut video. It draws attention to heroes with names like Darwin, Shakespeare, Bach, and others. The hundreds of Phantoms you can encounter and hire will also aid you in your travels as these historically inspired characters.


As the game advances and your trip continues, you will be able to locate these historically accurate Phantoms, enlist them, and form strong relationships with them so that you can cooperate with them both in and out of battle. This means that you don't have to take on challenges alone and you have options.

Dungeons to complete, Guild competitions, even player housing and the opportunity to visit friends' houses all provide a focus on exploration and social interactions. The planet Noah in the title, where the world is located, is made to be easily explorable and barrier-free.


You can interact with other players in the open-world setting, and you should be able to explore the whole map on foot. But you'll also have the chance to employ a horse, a boat, and perhaps even a jetpack.

There are launch-related promotions, such as a method to obtain certain initial materials, personalization choices, and the renowned Phantom Shirley.