Noah’s Heart Global version will be released on July 28 for iOS, Android, and PC; To be available on select European countries on July 14

Developed by Archosaur Games, Noah’s Heart is one of the most anticipated titles for this year. Thanks to its great graphics and storyline, players are highly anticipating the launch of this game.

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After going through several phases of beta tests, Archosaur Games has finally announced the launch of the global version of Noah’s Heart, which will be on July 28 for Android, iOS, and PC. But before that, a soft launch for the game will happen on July 14 in selected European countries.

Planet Noah, a massive open world full of wonder and adventure. On this planet, you can travel across all manner of diverse terrain and various locations, as well as come face-to-face with exotic life forms and unique cultures. Made using the Unreal 4 engine, you will be presented with stunning views of planet Noah like nothing you have ever seen before!

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Engage in intense battles with enemies from evil factions. Explore uniquely designed dungeons. Choose and build weapons and skills that best suit your style of play. Developed by Archosaur Games, Noah’s Heart is the next-generation MMORPG. Explore the planet Noah and uncover its secrets with your friends! Adventure and fortune await you, explorers!

Built around the fantasy and steampunk genre, the game’s story will revolve around a mysterious object called The Cube. The Cube is said to be the reason why the world of Noah was created. Players will explore Noah and perform quests to find the answers to their questions about the Cube and the creation of Noah. To make exploring the land of Noah easier, there will be airships available in the game that players can use.

Game Features:

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A Seamless Planet — No boundaries, no limitations. Explore every single part of this massive one-of-a-kind world! Ascend to the tops of snowy mountain peaks where the skeletons of ancient beasts lie buried or delve into the untraversed rainforest to discover hidden worlds beneath the canopy cover. The planet of Noah awaits you!

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Weapon of Your Choice — Say goodbye to conventional weapons and class limitations. You are free to choose whichever weapon you feel is most suitable for the job. Utilize different weapon’s strengths and collaborate with teammates to defeat fearsome monsters with ease.

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Diverse Careers — Aside from expedition and combat, food, clothing, and weapons are also necessary for survival on planet Noah. However, many of these items can only be produced by those with the relevant expertise. Select a career and help the village thrive. On planet Noah, every career option and every individual is just as important as the next.

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Fully Customizable Character — Create and show off your unique style. Express your personality with the powerful customization system. Everything from body shape, skin tone, hair, eyes, lips, clothing, and many more, you are the one in charge! Choose from a diverse range of classical, modern, and exotic clothing styles to make yourself stand out on the planet of Noah.

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Intense Combat — Engage in 3D real-time battles as you enjoy full control over your character’s movements, attacks, and skills. Confront powerful enemies from different factions and terrifying monsters that lurk inside the dungeons. Choose your skill and weapon combinations carefully, and build strong teams together with your friends. The explorers of planet Noah are never alone.