Featured Noctis from Final Fantasy XV is coming to Tekken 7

Discussion in 'Tekken' started by LockDown, Nov 14, 2017.

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  1. LockDown

    LockDown Moderator

    First Injustice 2 gets the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and now Tekken 7 is getting Final Fantasy XV’s Prince Charming. Noctis Lucis Caelum joins the King of Iron Fist Tournament this spring. Judging by the announcement video, which debuted at the Tekken World Tour Finals earlier today, not only are we getting Noctis, but some familiar faces will be popping up on his own special Hammerhead Garage stage.


    The crossover-verse collapses further upon itself with every passing day. This time it’s magic prince lad Noctis from Final Fantasy XV who falls victim to the fathomless gash in the fabric of our collective realities. In spring next year he will wake up to find himself in Tekken 7, where he must compete in the Iron Fist Tournament. Super.

    The DLC with Noctis is due out in Spring 2018. We still haven’t got Final Fantasy XV for the PC yet, but we do know it’s also due early next year and that it will have mod support.

    source via Eurogamer
  2. Yuzan

    Yuzan Newbie Gamer

    Now this is what I've been waiting for, honestly :D :D
  3. Ara☆

    Ara☆ Newbie Gamer

    I was so suprised when Noctis was going to be in Tekken 7, I’m currently playing FFXV actually xD but woo hype!!!!

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