North America representative for MSC 2023 changed from BTK to Team OutPlay as per MSC Committee

The biggest Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) midyear tournament, MSC 2023, is coming up in which the teams that will be playing has been determined. For the first time since its first iteration, the MSC 2023 tournament will have teams outside of the Southeast Asia (SEA) region. One of these teams is a team from North America, a region who had their qualifiers via a tournament called NACT. The champion of this tournament, which is BTK, was supposed to be the North America representative. However, the MSC Committee announced that the runner-up Team OutPlay will be their region's representative instead.


The MSC Committee announced via the Mobile Legends Esports Facebook page that team BTK were unable to meet some basic requirements set in the tournament rules.

"Per MSC rule 3.1.1: each team is required to maintain a minimum of 7 members, including one coach and five players (Starter) and one substitute, throughout the tournament. Furthermore, as per rule 5.2.3, "players' rosters need to be the same as the team that qualified for MSC 2023 in MPL or other local qualifications unless there is a force majeure before the roster lock date that necessitates a change."

It seems that BTK only has six players but since two of them are ineligible for the tournament, the MSC Committee decided to allocate the MSC Qualification from BTK to the runner-up, Team OutPlay. It is because one of BTK's players did not have a valid passport and another player's legal guardian did not consent to their participation, resulting in the team being unable to meet the requirements, as mentioned by the MSC Committe post. It was also explained that BTK was given a chance to resolve these issues until May 22, 2023 but BTK team manager confirmed that their team could not meet all the requirements. On the other hand, Team OutPlay have accepted the chance to represent NACT in MSC 2023 and fulfill all the necessary requirements.


The MSC Committee also mentioned that they understand that this news may disappoint BTK fans, and they apologize for any inconvenience caused. However, it's their priority to ensure fair competition by upholding the rules and regulations within the tournament guidelines and rulebook. They also addressed that this doesn't mean BTK will also be ineligible for the other MLBB tournament, IESF. The host IESF will issue a separate announcement regarding the confirmed US representative from that tournament.

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