Nostalgia to the Core: Five Popular Online Games From the Year 2000's Now on Android/iOS

The dawn of online gaming that skyrocket since the early 2000s in the Pinoy gaming community is one heck of memorable trip of nostalgia. Gamers found themselves so immersed with variety of games other than the infamous Ragnarok Online that garner a lot of popularity for bringing not just entertainment but camaraderie for every pinoy gamers all over the country.

You might be asking where are those games now? Let’s check out these five online games that once grace your PC screen and today can be enjoyed once more right in the palm of your hand.


Developed by the company Webzen and officially released during the year 2001, MU Online shares a the feel of early Diablo games with added awesome skill animations that is much superior if you compare with other MMORPGs before. But one thing that make it stand out against its contemporaries is sheer coolness of armor sets and wings that players can acquire if they can put their grinding level to their peak game.

Last 2019, the same team that work with MU Online launched MU Origin 2 for Andorid and IOS with new features but still continuing the same taste of action-packed RPG. Still set in the continent of MU, players can now feast upon its 3D visuals, idle gameplay system, class change feature and alliance war. Currently its new version is the Song of Fire and Ice.


For those who can’t get enough of playing the immensely popular ‘Worms’, Gunbound is surely a heaven sent for it brings the same wackiness of the game with added flare of arcade action. Released during the year 2003 worldwide by Softnyx, Gunbound is a turn-based shooting game set in 2D environment. Players can choose their own vehicles called “Mobile”which they use to attack each other. Each Mobile have a unique set of weapons ranging from Laser to Impact attacks. Environment factors such as the terrain and wind current can affect the strategy of each players and they can even bring items in the battle to gain advantage such as giving them the ability to shoot twice (dual +) or destroy the terrain of the game (bunge shot).

The android version of Gunbound Online called GunboundM retains the easy control but hard to master scheme of the PC version with over 15 Mobiles that players can acquire via gacha system and intense PVP features such as 1v1, 2v2 and free-for-all modes. GunboundM also support season competition where you can can climb through the ranks of players and win exciting rewards.


Grand Chase from KOG Studios combined the elements of RPG, side-scrolling and beat ‘em up with the the touch of anime visual to make its way into the heart of every pinoy gamers. It’s gameplay is known for being fast and energetic with players honing their skills in chaining variety of combos and special attacks of every characters they can unlock along the way. All of the characters can customized with equipments and weapons which both boost their abilities as well as for aesthetic purposes. Of course the game has its own story which revolves around the three main character namely Elesis, Lire and Arme who leads the ‘chase’ in hunting down the evil Kaze’aze that threatens the Kingdom of Serdin and Kanavan.

The story of hunting down Kaze’aze continue on Grand Chase: Dimensional Chaser (or simply GrandChase in Google Play) wherein the gameplay is a fusion real-time strategy and RPG as players will control not just one but up to four characters from the Grand Chase Universe. Though some might miss the classic button-masher action of the original Grand Chase, the tap and drag controls of the sequel game is still enough to keep their toes on slaying and chasing monsters and even in grueling PVP mode.


Bringing swag inside the court is a dream come true for every Basketball fanatic when Gravity and JC Entertainment launch Freestyle Street Basketball (FSSB); a cel-shaded multiplayer online sports game. FSSB gamers can create characters base from the position of players in real life Basketball such as Center, Guard and Forward. They can even customize not just the look of their character (there are tons of clothes and apparel that will make your ace player a certified fashionista while slamming the hoop) but also their dribbling, shooting and driving skills. The gamemodes includes half-court 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 but standard basketball rules still apply in the game mechanics.

Last year, EAGAMEBOX brings the urban-flavored basketball gaming on Android and IOS through the launching of Freestyle Mobile PH. The 3v3 half-court is further enhanced with hip-hop music and urban jungle themed environment as players can go head to head with one another while pulling off crazy basketball moves with style.


Flyff or Fly For Fun aims its players to enjoy the beautiful 3D scenery while roaming the sky with its flight feature as means of travelling of every players in the game. But besides the flying broom and flying board, Flyff offers a solid RPG experience with tons of interesting features such as the Lord System where players can have a chance to create an event for their respective server and the Couple system for lovers in and out of the game.

Though the sequel game of Flyff was cancelled by Gala Lab, those who still wanted to reminisce the good old days can fly once more in the world of Madrigal on their android phone. Thanks to Flyff Legacy, the beloved MMORPG is now available for new and old players to enjoy with its open world maps, Anime inspired visuals and of course soaring the sky with your trusty broom.