not really good with introductions

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Feb 15, 2017
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so yeah hello everyone

ive been loyal to playstation console ever since i was a kid but i only play few selected game series im fond of for years like Yakuza, Tekken, Saints Row and Mass Effect

and/or games that are produced by Quantic Dream
(Heavy Rain, Detroit Becoming Human, Beyond Two Souls, Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit)

and/or PS1/PS2 classics that are available in PS Store i used to play/i want to play way back but never got a chance

genres im into are: interactive storytelling, fighting, sports, racing

i play pc games sometimes mainly interactive storytelling game with multiple endings
(not visual novels tho)

in mobile: i play classic board games or casino games online
(if that counts lol)

not really into/i suck at: fps, mmo, rpg, horror, strategy
(but with an exception as long as the story and gameplay won me over)