Npixel announces blockchain MMORPG Gran Saga: Unlimited

Npixel is currently developing a new blockchain MMORPG based from its Grans Saga IP. It will be titled Gran Saga: Unlimited and will be the first game to be published on the Aptos Network, a Layer 1 blockchain with a lot of backing who has partnered with Npixel. The game is being created with the intention of release by the end of 2023 and will be supported by Metapixel, the company's Web 3.0-based gaming ecosystem. It will use NFT and blockchain technology to provide a player experience, value sharing, transparency, etc.


For those who are unfamiliar with the IP, Gran Saga is an MMORPG that centers around a group of knights' quest to save their kingdom from an evil dragon's curse. Additionally, it allows mobile and PC cross-play.

The game's 3D hack-and-slash action uses a variety of Gran weapons—up to 100—and has an anime-inspired graphical design. Characters vary in terms of class, weapon, and special abilities. High-end high-quality graphics and audio compositions by Yoko Shimomura are also featured in the game.


As part of Npixel's metaverse ecosystem Metapixel, Gran Saga: Unlimited will be the first video game to make use of Web3 and blockchain technologies. The first Gran Saga Web2 game, which has received more than four million downloads, will be followed up by this one.

Users will have the chance to acquire in-game items and mint gaming gear in the form of NFTs, which they may freely exchange inside a number of NFT marketplaces developed on the Aptos Network. The game will initially be released on PC platforms, after which mobile smartphones will also be able to access it.

Gran Saga: Unlimited Roadmap​

Prior to its anticipated global release in the second quarter of 2023, testing for Gran Saga: Unlimited will start in the first quarter of this year. Alpha testers will be sought out via the team's soon-to-be-launched Discord channel. Before the blockchain's debut to the general public, further playtests will be conducted over the ensuing months to evaluate and enhance its functionality.