OBS Project warns about a scam URL in the Google Ads that uses their name to download malware in their users computers

A scam for an OBS, or Open Broadcaster Software, has been circulating around the internet. The scam appears as an ad on Google Search under “OBS”.

obs scam.png

The scam is an ad to download OBS. However, once you click it, it will begin to download malware that will compromise your computer.


The scam ads have reached the official OBS Twitter. They have posted a warning for their users and stated that the download link was not produced by them. They further added that you should download OBS from their official website only.

Open Broadcaster Software, or more known as OBS, is a free open-source software for video recording and streaming. This is widely used and famous among streamers and professional gamers. This software is also available on Steam.

More scammers are getting craftier each day so be vigilant while browsing the internet because you don’t know where these scams lurk around.