Obtain and use wallpapers from Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

Using the characters and enemies of Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis players can personalize their PC home screen by setting their own animated wallpapers. There are items that players can earn as well as they progress through the game. These items can be used to further customize their home screens. To know how to do that, read through the article to get your own personalized wallpaper.


As you start FFVII Ever Crisis, there are three wallpapers already available for you to use. The first one is “Welcome,” which features Zack Fair from Crisis Core FFVII. Next is “Before the Mission,” which features Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart, and Barret Wallace from FFVII. The final wallpaper is “Team Glenn's First Mission,” which features Glenn Lodbrok, Lucia Lin, and Matt Winsord from FFVII The First Soldier.

More wallpapers can be obtained through the game by availing the Premium Hunt path of the Season Pass, which costs $13.99. These are offered as rewards as well after completing events in FFVII Ever Crisis. One way to also earn the wallpapers is through raising the rarity value of certain weapons through the Overboost function.


To use the wallpapers you have obtained, select the three dashes that you can see in the right corner of the game’s home screen and the Menu will appear. Find the “Info” section and select “Wallpaper” to make the “Wallpaper Settings” appear. In this panel, all wallpapers, both obtained and locked, are shown. Select the “+” symbol on the left side of the screen to place the wallpapers in the order that you want. Note, only four wallpapers can be selected. You can also choose the random option.

ffvii ever crisis.png

To view information on how to unlock the wallpapers, press and hold each thumbnail of the wallpapers. You can also press the small square button within the wallpaper image to preview the animation of the wallpaper.