Ocean Raider: Captain's Wrath How to Get Gold?


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Aug 7, 2018
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What if you do not know how to cultivate heroes? As a novice it is okay. First of all, you need to know that the cultivation of heroes needs a lot of gold. What can we do to get gold? Let me help you. Be patient and read carefully. Here are several ways by which we can gain gold.

A. Registration: 100K

B. Login

Log in to gain gold for the first two days of each week.

A large number of gold can be obtained by completing quests daily for the first 7 days.

C. Events

D. Normal & Elite Dungeon

In Normal Dungeon, 9 stars to open a small treasure box, 18 stars to open the Medium treasure box, 27 stars to open the big treasure box.

The later chapter you pass, the more gold you will gain.

E. Redemption of Money Bags

F. Daily Quests Completion

G. Ranking Lists

H. Challenge
3 times Challenge opportunities every day.
The higher level you are challenging, the more gold you will gain.

You must strengthen your squad Combat Power to challenge, otherwise you’ll fail because time’s up. However, you can still get part of rewards.

I. Diamond Redemption
Diamonds can be recharged and get from activities. You can use a certain number of diamonds in exchange for gold.

There are more ways to get gold. Keep exploring!