Ocean Raider: Captain’s Wrath Introduction to System Functions


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Aug 7, 2018
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“Ocean Raider: Captain’s Wrath”, in which the characters have been recreated, is adapted from a movie. There are substantial functions. What if you are confused and cannot find fun as a novice? Well, tips as follows may help you. Read this passage carefully and add it to favorites. Wish you good luck and enjoy fun!

Ⅰ Hero System
The Hero System is the most important part of the game, and the center of all systems. Players can enhance heroes Combat Power by upgrading, promoting, exalting, upgrading skill levels, and enhancing their potential with which heroes can influence each other on their attributes.

Ⅱ Squad System
Squad System is the basis of the battle. Players can select 5 heroes they have acquired to form their own squads and combat. In this system, players can choose a flagship to enhance squad Combat Power. Through different combination, players can form different squads, with which players can achieve different goals. It not only helps players achieve the effect of winning, but makes the game more interesting. It is worth mentioning that in each squad, players can appoint one S-above hero to captain. For reference, squad Combat Power will be estimated and shown in this interface.

Ⅲ Gear System
Gear, as a major component of hero Combat Power, is crucial in the game.
Players can get gear from activities, which they can use to enhance hero Combat Power. After that they can challenge the higher levels and pass more easily.

Gear can be promoted by forging, refining, transcending and enchanting. Meanwhile, a set of gear has additional properties.
Except for the basic gear, players can also obtain amulet and treasure from activities, which can effectively enhance Combat Power.

Ⅳ Combat System
Combo, Ultimacy and other characteristic elements make Combat System very distinctive. The battle pictures are concise, clear and meaningful.

Ⅴ Bag System
A place where all the props are stored.

Ⅵ Quest System
Quest System here is divided into daily one and main one. Daily quest is refreshed every day, which means players can repeatedly finish these quests and get corresponding rewards. However, main quest can be completed only once.

Ⅶ Shipyard System
Players can upgrade the star and component properties of the flagships they have, as a result of which the squad combat power is enhanced.

Ⅷ Guild System
Players can spontaneously establish or join a guild. Guild System is designed to strengthen the relationship between players, and of course to make the game more interesting, so players will have a strong sense of affiliation and team spirit. At the same time, Guild System plays a crucial role in the middle and later stage of the game.