October 2023 Starlight Pass for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang includes new skins, emotes and more!

As a new month approaches, the October 2023 Starlight Pass for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is quickly approaching and includes a brand-new, "Twilight Waltz" Anniversary Exclusive Starlight skin for well-known marksman Layla. Layla will be the marksman receiving a Starlight Pass Event-exclusive skin for October 2023 as well as an Anniversary Exclusive painted skin. To this purpose, MOONTON Games has formally released a video detailing the impending Layla Starlight skin, the contents of the upcoming October 2023 Starlight Pass, and the anticipated goodies that will be given out.


Mobile Legends October 2023 Starlight Pass - New Skins​

New Starlight Skin​

The Twilight Waltz skin will be the October 2023 Starlight skin, and Layla will be the fortunate hero to receive the new Starlight skin. In Mobile Legends, Layla is one of the most well-liked heroes, especially among beginning players. She is the first free hero that players get, and playing her is not too difficult. When Layla has all of her items built in the late game, she is also an extremely potent marksman hero. As a result, it will be simple to draw in new gamers.


Layla is transformed into a graceful dancer in the moonlight by Layla's Twilight Waltz, a lovely and exquisite skin. For Layla's recall effect, the skin includes a new animation in which she spins around in a dance position. Her abilities also have new affects; for example, her Malefic Cannon now fires moonlight beams rather than conventional energy. The skin's colorations are also quite lovely.

Layla is less well-liked in high-level ranked matchups, though. She is particularly well-liked among the freshmen players. Everyone should retain this skin in their collection, along with an Anniversary Exclusive painted skin. "Bunny Babe" was Laya's first starlight skin, and this is her second.

Revamped Starlight First Purchase Rewards​

The cost of the Starlight Pass is still 300 Diamonds, as was seen in prior months. Since the Starlight Pass was redesigned in February 2023, players who recently purchased it have access to additional benefits in addition to the distinctive Starlight Pass skin.


Players who have not purchased the Starlight pass since it was updated (since February 2023) are eligible for this Starlight First Time Purchase incentive. Players will receive a random Summer skin Chest upon purchasing the new September 2023 Starlight Pass, which will be awarded to players upon opening any of the following skins:
  • Hayabusa Summer skin
  • Chang’e Summer skin
  • Nana Summer Skin
Additionally, players who previously purchased the Starlight pass before February 2023 and are currently merely purchasing the Starlight pass will receive a permanent Avatar Border reward for the future Starlight Shop redesign.

Mobile Legends October 2023 Starlight Pass - Additional Benefits and Rewards​

The following fantastic incentives are also available to those who purchase the new Starlight Pass.

Starlight Exclusive Painted Skin​

After purchasing the Starlight Pass and leveling up their pass, players will be able to obtain a special Layla Twilight Waltz painted skin. There would be a bluish hue to this painted skin.


Starlight Exclusive Trail Effect​

This recently added award enables players to obtain a new, starlight-exclusive Trail effect, significantly enhancing how glamorous the game is for them. When players think back on their heroes, the exclusive skin trail is typically visible. As a result, gamers who purchase the Starlight Pass will have access to a special trial effect.


Starlight Sacred Statue​

When purchasing the Starlight Pass, players would receive a Sacred Statue that was special to Layla. Each match's final awards would include some additional perks from the Sacred Statue.


Other Rewards​

Additionally, the October 2023 starlight pass would provide special prizes like:
  • An Exclusive Starlight Killing Notification
  • Exclusive Starlight Graffiti
  • Exclusive Starlight Chat Bubble
  • Exclusive Starlight Avatar Border

Starlight Shop​


The majority of the items in the Starlight Shop are pre-existing Starlight Skins that were initially launched more than a year ago. With the aid of Starlight Fragments, they would be accessible for purchase. The Starlight Shop will open in September with 10 unrelated Starlight Skins, including:
  • Saber “Force Warrior” Skin
  • Miya “Captain Thorns” Skin
  • Natalia “Phantom Dancer”
  • Moskov “Snake-Eyed Commander “ Skin
  • Clint “Rock and Roll” Skin
  • Aurora “Heartbreak Empress”
  • Argus “Dark Draconic” Skin
  • Alucard “Viscount” Skin
  • Roger “Anubis” Skin
  • Alice “Steam Glider” Skin
The cost of each of these skins is 3000 Starlight Fragments.

Starlight Membership Benefits​


There are many more benefits to being a Starlight member than the awards stated above:

Access to 6 weekly free heroes​
Extended in-game friend limit (up to 200)​
Access to 6 weekly free skins​
10% more EXP for every match​
An exclusive avatar border (31-day)​
Starlight exclusive profile​
Extra 10 protection points when losing a ranked match​
Starlight exclusive chat frame & battle emotes​
Starlight exclusive elimination alert, recall effect & spawn effect​
Sign in for a previous day in the “7-Day Log-In” event​
30% more mastery points for every match​
5% more BP for every match​
One-time free Mysterious shop refresh​
Starlight talent page​

By clicking Starlight Pass and choosing the rights page, players can verify the in-game perks of being a Starlight member.

The perks and benefits of the Starlight Pass for October 2023 are concluded. Skin collectors, Marksman role players, and Layla hero players must purchase it. There are other Starlight awards and bonuses it delivers, in addition to the magnificent Twilight Waltz skin of Layla and an additional Anniversary Painted skin.