Oculus Rift Price Confirmed

Discussion in 'Tech' started by LockDown, Jan 7, 2016.

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    Preorder package of the base Oculus Rift, A Xbox One controller is also included plus a sensor and free copies of Lucky's Tale and Eve: Valkyrie. Free cables to get you started are also included in the set which probably will cost you around $600. March 28 is the start of shipping of the headset, unfortunately there is only 1 unit per customer.



    They previously announced that you don't have to pay the Oculus Rift for the preorder. nly when the device ships later this year will you be charged. Preordering not only gets you a free copy of Eve: Valkyrie, but also puts you at the front of the line to buy Oculus Touch controllers when they arrive.

    Oculus VR has not announced a price point for the Touch controllers.

    source via gamespot
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    Come to think of it, despite the crazy expensive price of the recommended specs to run a VR, I only need to upgrade my GPU from 280 to 290 hhmm... k.... but i'm not close to be interested on getting one anytime soon let alone this year or next!
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    so mga 28k sa peso plus 12% tax na 3,360 then sobrang laking patong nga mga vendor malamang aabot ng 40k peso oculus rift sa pinas :(
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