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Mar 5, 2020
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Weird title, i'm aware. I'm looking for a long term "business" relationship with anyone who needs leveled accounts. it doesn't even have to be that exactly, I can also spend the time ranking up fresh accounts for you (keep in mind that they probably won't be at high elo, i'm a support main who was gold 1 last season).

You will be the one to decide the price on how much you give me per account. i'm not expecting a lot but keep it reasonable.

What I can do
- Level accounts
- Do a certain of games played in ranked/normals
- Rank up fresh accounts

(I can also do the same thing with Overwatch accounts, current SR rating in Overwatch is 2,505. also main support)

If you know anyone who needs to get someone to do that for them, then please have them contact me via Discord or email. I just need the money due to personal reasons (It isn't too serious but it is leaving me in a pretty desperate situation.) Thank you.

Email: [email protected]
Discord: I'mTony#8540

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