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    We would like to welcome our community partner Berserk MU along with its Berserk MU player community to our website.


    Berserk MU Specs
    • Version: Season 8 Episode 2
      Experience: 9999x
      Drop: 65%
      Maximum Stats: 32767
      Points Per Level: 5/7/7
      Master Level exp: 2500
      After Reset: Stats Clear
      After Reset stat points: 1000
      Reset limit: 250
      Reset Reward: 100 Credits
      Grand reset from: 50 resets
      Grand reset reward: 1500 Gold Credits
      Cash Shop system
      Gold party build exists
      Configured event rewards
      Balanced ingame pvp
      Configured drops for easy
      Monsters per spot 5-8

      Website features:
      Market system
      Vote Reward system
      Online Hour reward system
      Much more features..
    Berserk MU Video

    Social Media:
    Facebook Page:
    Facebook Group:

    Dont hesitate to post and share to other pinoy MU players around the world!

    Below are the official Moderators for Berserk MU:
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