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Mar 23, 2023
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Lisa Smurft

Attention adventurers!

Join us on #forbidden# tavern's 2.0 version! We have exciting new features and events with amazing rewards such as OBT gift codes, limited edition merchandise, and more! Our goal is to provide you with fun and enjoyment while waiting for OBT. Trust us, you won't be disappointed!

Check out our new features and improvements:
  • New level system Gain experience points by sending messages in our tavern and level up to unlock more event permissions! Check your current level and leaderboard by using commands in the |status_check channel.
  • New Invitation Query Function Invite your friends to our tavern and get exclusive titles and rewards! Check the number of invitations and leaderboard by using specific commands in the |status_check channel. Invite your friends to join us and have fun!
  • Improved Assistant @lunatic has learned more ROO game-related knowledge and can help answer your questions. Consult him for any ROO game-related questions, which is a more effective and quicker way than creating a ticket. We're sure you'll love him even more this time!
  • Improved and added more emojis We have optimized previous emojis and added more cute ones, allowing you to express yourself more freely. Give them a try!
Join our new events:
  1. Discord Invite Contest (Event Time: 3/23 00:00 - 3/30 23:59 (UTC+7)
  2. ROO Content Creator Recruitment (Long-term event) *We'll release event details later.
We appreciate your support and attention. With your companionship, we can continue to improve and progress. Join us actively in our 2.0 version events and spend time with us while waiting for OBT!


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