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Apr 10, 2019
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Here's the list of 5 good quality zombie games that are free to download on your phone in which you can play them anytime and anywhere.

(P.S. There are no rankings)

1. Into the Dead

This one is the classic zombie apocalyptic world scenario where you have to survive from those zombies with loads of guns. A LOT OF GUNS! There's a lot of missions and challenges that you have to surpass but that's what makes the game interesting. The visuals were really good although the controls are sometimes buggy, I liked it.

Size: It depends on the device

Link: []

2. Last Day on Earth: Survival

This game took place in a post-apocalyptic world or like an aftermath of what everything happened. (I see I am Legend preferences) It's a third person mode survival game,the focus is to survive and build. By survive, I mean is to feed him, shelter him, defend him all of those necessities. :D very fun game especially for gamers who like strategy games.

Size: 68 MB

Link: []

3. Zombie Shooter Death Hospital

AHHH!! I love this game, I'm currently playing it because this game is too addicting. The story is actually unique because you started as a man kidnapped in an abandoned hospital where the one that kidnapped you placed a lot of zombies.

It is an AR, FPS game so you can choose gyro sensors for more realistic feel or hand sensor. You will see a lot of beautiful girls that you can help and collect (am WeIrD?) The levels in the game lasts for good 20-30 minutes so you can easily play them wherever you are.

Size: 71 MB

Link: [Zombie Shooter2 - Death Hospital 1.4.7 APK Download - Android Action Games]

4. Zombies, Run!

A game that makes you exercise while in-depth with the story. This one has a good concept because it makes you run outside just so you can collect the items and survivors. I think it is also perfect for me because of my lazy bum >.<

Size: It depends on the devices

Link: []

5. Dead Trigger

You want to become the best zombie slayer in the universe? Play this game then. The zombies are never-ending and they evolve as well. There's a lot of places you can go to save other remaining people before they turn into the madness.

I shout all the time when I play this game because the zombies were too fast and even if I have a lot of weapons in my arsenal, it is still useless if you didn't test them to different zombies.

Size: 31 MB

Link: []

Download these games and Add more to the list ;)

May alam ba kayong zombie game na di nasama dito? share it on this thread.
Nalaro niyo na din ba 'to? share your experiences to them.
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Aug 21, 2019
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Because these games dont take skill and are specifically designed at the cost of fun gameplay to give you an illusion of progress by spending money.