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Dec 29, 2017
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Hello, im new to the group o/
Im an introverted player but a pretty decent one ( except at Fps games, I have poor aim, like I cant shoot for ***). But im confident in my skills in Lol and DOTA2 with my rank capping at Plat 1 and 4k solo mmr respectively. You can hit me up on the discord group ( Mr Support) if you want to team in Dota2 or Lol.

I main top with Sion Malph Shen but can also Lane as a support with most champions. I am currently ranked Plat 2 in the preseason. My IGN is Pvt.KaeseR.NCG, hit me up when we see each other on the rift!

For Dota2, I am currently unranked ( since ive been trying to git gud in Pubg to no avail) but estimates based on my teammates and recent matches is that I am at least Legend 2 or 1. I usually play offlane or carry but Ive joined Lan tournaments as a position 4 or 5 and placed highly on a number of them. My IGN is 25 with a random Asian mma dude as my prof pic.

Anyway, thats pretty much it, hit me up if you wanna team up.