OhMyV33nus posted a cryptic message, sparking curiosity within the MLBB PH community

The recent Facebook post of Johnmar "OhMyV33nus" Villaluna has intrigued the MLBB PH community as it is filled with mystery.

veewise cryptic.jpg

The picture that OhMyV33nus posted was captioned with a rabbit, octopus, snake, thread, egg, and rose. This can be passed as something random; however, if we look closely, the first letter of each word, when combined, makes the word roster.

The photo could hint on something as well since it says "You're invited to see the lights with us".

The V33Wise duo has been on a prolonged absence in the MPL scene. During that time, it can be seen that they are grinding across other gaming titles such as League of Legends and Honor of Kings. With this, it can be safely assumed that the duo might be planning on joining a new esports title.


But it might be just them wanting to play other titles. However, there’s also the possibility that OhMyV33nus will be venturing into the coaching role.

Through a podcast, The Queen said, “Playing coach. Why not? Pero we’ll see. Hindi malabo ang coach eh. Yun lang masasabi ko, there’s a chance talaga on the coaching part. But, we’ll see.”

Stay tuned for more news about the V33Wise duo!