OhMyV33NUS shares his thoughts about the rise of Filipino coaches in foreign teams

Blacklist International’s iconic roamer Jonmar "OhMyV33NUS" Villaluna has expressed his concerns regarding the rise of acquisition of Filipino talents in foreign Mobile Legends: Bang Bang teams. According to OhMyV33NUS, Indonesian MLBB teams might have finally found the right strategy on how to be on equal footing with PH teams.


It has been evident in the MLBB PH pro scene that a good Filipino coach makes a huge difference when it comes to a team’s performance and with the foreign teams acquiring these good Filipino coaches, a foreign team’s performance will surely greatly improve. However, this move of foreign teams might be a threat to the long-standing dominance of PH teams in international tournaments, which has been established since the M2 World Championship.

The talk about this growing trend of foreign teams recruiting talent from other regions was discussed in the recent Podcast of Danerie "Wise" Rosario on his official YouTube channel with guest Jonmar "OhMyV33NUS" Villaluna. While the trend is not new in the MLBB pro scene, OhMyV33NUS shed new light on what this might implicate in the long run.

He stated that these foreign teams might have uncovered the winning formula against the dominating PH teams in the MLBB international stage. He also promotes that instead of solely focusing on acquiring Filipino players, a strategic investment in Filipino coaching talent might also be a wise move for MLBB PH teams and organizations.

"They’ll get stronger if they get (PH) players but for me, if they really want to get super strong or if they want to overhaul their system, what they really need to get is a coach," explained OhMyV33NUS. "If you really want your [organization] to step up or adopt what the PH teams, who are currently dominating, are doing now, you also need to have a [Filipino] coach."

With this trend, a significant challenge might just have appeared in front of the MLBB PH teams. With a Filipino coach along with a Filipino player in a foreign team, the winning mentality that have been ingrained in MLBB PH pro players will now be imparted to their foreign counterparts. This poses a potential reshaping of the competitive landscape that has been long dominated by PH teams in MLBB esports.