Omega Esports’ Wild Rift Roster has disbanded!

Omega Esports has officially announced the disbandment of their Wild Rift roster.

omega wild rift.jpg

One of the well-known esports organizations here in the Philippines, Omega Esports, has officially disbanded their Wild Rift roster. The organization made the announcement through an official Twitter post in which they announced that they have released their four remaining members of their Wild Rift squad and that they have formally said goodbye to the Wild Rift esports scene.

Omega Esports was one of the pioneers who expanded their brand into the Wild Rift esports scene in the Philippines. The team has won several championship awards for both community-driven and official tournaments of Riot Games. Some of these events are Wild Rift Asia Brawl 2021, Bit Wars Open Qualifier #2, Zenith Open Asia Spring, and the Philippines Pro Gaming League (PPGL) Summer Split: Luzon South Regionals.

However, Omega Esports’ Wild Rift team failed to grab a spot in Wild Rift Southeast Asia Championship 2021 after falling in 4th place in the PPGL 2021 Fall: Playoffs. After some time, their Singaporean coach John “Glaceox” Lim left the team along with the other two pro players namely Jaiby “JLC” Paglingayen and John Loyd “Impressive” Dela Cruz.

Fans thought that Omega Esports was revamping the team, however, it turns out that the rest of the team was released by the organization before announcing the disbandment of its Wild Rift squad. The players that were released were Miguel Vincent “Arisen” Pison, Maynard “Arise” Limon, Gerald “Taymlaps” Bermundo, and Ronel “Stronger” Tan.

The reason for the disbandment of the team is yet to be known. It also seems that it will remain to be a mystery as the organization has yet to provide explanation regarding the matter.