One Piece Fighting Path Is A New Mobile Action RPG Based On The Anime Adaptation

Based on One Piece, One Piece Fighting Path is an action game available now for download.


One Piece Fighting Path straight out starts with Luffy venturing out into the sea just like in the story. You can play various characters such as Monkey D. Luffy, the famous captain of Strawhat Pirates, Godenel and Ace, all of them have their own set of moves.




The game is based on the story in the anime, rather than it being based off of a side story of the original plot. In the game, you’ll need to unlock new characters by recruiting them so that you’ll have someone to help you fight against giant sea beasts with your ship.

There are secrets hidden in the seas and towns that you’ll have to unlock. For instance, you’ll find treasures and meet kings of the sea. Also, some houses on iconic islands are locked, it will stay that way until certain requirements are met. Despite it being an action game, exploration of the islands and seas is one of the features of this game.



Below is a gameplay of One Piece Fighting Path: