One Piece Odyssey: Story, Monsters, and Ruins

Bandai Namco has finally released the story of One Piece Odyssey. Along with it are new screenshots of the turn-based RPG currently being developed by ILCA.

one piece odyssey poster.jpg


In the midst of their latest ocean voyage, the Straw Hat Pirates have seen their ship swallowed by a mighty storm.

one piece odyssey.jpg

Shipwrecked, the crew members wash ashore on a mysterious island, blessed with natural gifts, and protected by a ring of storms all around.

one piece odyssey1.jpg

Separated from their friends, and with the Thousand Sunny sinking into the depths…

Luffy and the others must embark on a new adventure to escape from this storm-buffeted island!

one piece odyssey2.jpg

But lying in wait are the ruthless forces of nature, terrible enemies, and…!

More new screenshots of One Piece Odyssey:
Mysterious Huge Enemy attacks the Straw Hat Pirates

one piece odyssey enemy.jpg

one piece odyssey enemy1.jpg

Island Monsters

one piece odyssey im.jpg

one piece odyssey im1.jpg

one piece odyssey im2.jpg

one piece odyssey im3.jpg

Island Ruins

one piece odyssey ir.jpg

one piece odyssey ir1.jpg

one piece odyssey ir2.jpg

one piece odyssey ir3.jpg

One Piece Odyssey will be launching this 2022 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, and PC (Steam).