One Punch Man live-action movie confirmed!

Guild of Guardians
Popular bald hero Saitama, who is known for ending his enemies with a single punch, has been confirmed to have a live-action.


A One Punch Man live-action movie has been revealed to be officially in development. The team behind it has surely made the fans of the anime fully anticipate it as they have promised that an explosive mix of action and humor can be expected in the upcoming movie.

The One Punch Man live-action movie is being supported by Sony Pictures. Currently, the only confirmed talents that will be collaborating for this project are Dan Harmon and Heather Anne Campbell from Rick and Morty, along with Justin Lin, the director behind five Fast & Furious films.

one punch man.png

For now, that’s the only available information about the upcoming One Punch Man live-action movie. Stay tuned for further developments.