One Punch Man Official Game Is Now Open for Pre-Registration

The wait is over for those who wanted to become "A Hero For Fun" as the strongest hero of all will have its own mobile game entitled One Punch Man: The Strongest.

Follow the story of Saitama, a hero who has a big problem of finding anyone who can give him once more the thrill of fight, in this 2D turn based RPG game for Android and iOS. Joining along the way are the heroes and monsters from the hit anime produced by ONE and drawn by Murata Yuusuke like Genos, Speed-o-Sonic, and Garo that you can recruit to create your own superhero team. The gameplay is a mix of action and strategy where the combination of the heroes' skills will be pivotal in defeating challenges and Disasters in the game.

Each of the heroes that you can recruit offers their own signature skill as shown in the anime TV series such as Incinerate and Serious Punch. To make it more interesting, all of the original CV from the anime will also lend their voice for the said game. The game is officially supervised by the production committee of the anime including SHUEISHA which means they wanted to ensure that it will bring the same fun and excitement you get from the One Punch Man Anime.

We still don't know yet what are the other features of the game but there might be a strong hint that it will adopt a gacha system to acquire powerful heroes and monsters along the game. But seeing our fave Captain Baldy in action is just to good to be true!

You can now pre-register for One Punch Man: The Strongest at Google Play Store as we wait for its official launching date in SEA region. Players can even have the chance to win a brand new iPhone 11 Pro along with awesome in-game awards such as gold coins, hero voucher and exclusive heroes like Mumen Rider.