One Punch Man: The Strongest Reroll Guide, Must-Have Characters, and Tips and Tricksare

A few days after its grand launch, One Punch Man: The Strongest has skyrocketed and gained a whooping 10M+ downloads; allowing it to clutch the number 2 spot in the ranks of top free mobile games at Google Play.

OPM: The Strongest is a gacha plus turn-based strategy game that lets you control heroes, villains, and monsters from the hit manga series starring the One Punch Man himself, Saitama. The game is quite easy to get hooked on but the more you progress, the more you will find it challenging as you follow the Story Mode, challenge other players, and faced tough adversary along the way.

So to help you get your game on, we give you some good old guides and tips to push you further into becoming a true hero.


Like any other gacha game, OPM: The Strongest also requires luck in order for you to gain the most powerful characters in the game. Early in the game, you will be given a huge amount of rewards for an early roll (luckily I manage to have Genos and later on Hellish Blizzard and Amai Mask). Some can pull this off in their first roll in the gacha but if you are in a rut in drawing nothing but some low-tier characters, there is always a way for you to have another chance for a reroll. Here is how you do it:

• Play the game until you manage to get to level 20 which enables you to open the chest you received earlier in the game. It gives you an x10 elite vouchers that you can use for rerolling. Plus, you probably gathered enough Diamonds and Elite tickets that you can also use for additional reroll.

• If your roll is still bad, you can swap server using your own account. This will give you a fresh start and all the rolls you made will be reset.

• The classic multiple account method can also be used here in this game. Just create a couple of Gmail accounts that you can swap all over until you manage to get a good roll from any of them. To do the swapping of the account, just click on the avatar profile icon in the upper left corner of the starting menu of the game.


As usual, you would want to have SSR characters early on in the game and pump its level to make it your main. Base from the sites I scour (, racketengrenade, kongbakpao), the following are the best SSR and SR characters that you should try to get and include in your party:

Carnage Kabuto - the perfect Tank in one's party with Damage Reflection skill.

Terrible Tornado - the AOE specialist with weakening debuff for its enemy once it made a CRIT hit.

Emperor Child - Back row attacker with multiple support skills like Stun, Buffs (Berserk mode) which adds HP and energy to his allies.

Atomic Samurai - all-around single attack and AOE character. One of the best main fighter in your team.

Dr. Genus - main buff in a party. Heals and provides an attack boost to his allies. Also, his consecutive strikes are helpful to deal with pesky enemies.

Superalloy Blackluster - helps in reducing the cooldown of your ally's ultimate skills.

Beast King - a DPS and row attacker that can pummel enemies in single combat.


The following are some helpful tips to aid you in making the most of your combat strategies:

• Mind your team composition. At first, you will be able to have a 3-man squad that later becomes 6-man pass at level 26 and you wouldn't want to have a very weak combination of characters (adding every SSR you have on them will not do good). For starters, put Tank based characters on the front row and your damage dealer/support at the back. Make sure you will have supporting characters that can give essential buffs like Tenacious, Heal, and Attack Boost that you can give to your attackers particularly to AOE since they can quickly deal with multiple enemies for a total party wipeout.

• Level up your characters via amassing Exp Bottles and Soda. Upgrade them using Medals and Limit Break them via Badges for bonus stats. Also, keep leveling up their skills. Each character will acquire passive skills at level 12 so keep grinding them to make them stronger.

• Don't forget to upgrade Saitama too. You can unleash his One Punch KO during combat when your rage meter reaches its maximum limit. But to further give you a total advantage, upgrade him using Saitama coins for an additional buff in your team.

• A special skill buff can be acquired if your team composed of a certain combination of characters (i.e all members of the Hellish Blizzard group). Be sure to check it out and see if you can create a good combination to give you a boost during combat whether in PVE or PVP.