One Punch Man: World Will Be Available For Early Access On PC Platform

Based from the popular anime series One Punch Man, a new action-adventure game titled One Punch Man: World will be coming soon to PC and mobile devices.


Perfect World Entertainment and T3 Studio collaborated on the development of One-Punch Man: World, an action-adventure game based from the popular anime and manga series One Punch Man. It is said to convey true narrative from the anime, particularly in the cutscenes. Players will be able to test out the early access build of the game by connecting to the game's servers as announced by Perfect World. While the game will be available on PC, Android, and iOS devices in the future, the early access version is only available on PC at this time. Beginning on November 3, 2021, the game One Punch Man: World will be available for pre-order.

Players who are chosen will later have the opportunity to play One Punch Man: World first, which is expected to be released later this year. Additionally, players can submit input or feedback to the developers so that the game can be enhanced and refined even further in the future before being released in its whole.

Perfect World Entertainment has also released a teaser trailer for One Punch Man: World.

The gameplay of One Punch Man: World is demonstrated in this two-minute trailer. It appears that this game includes an exploration component that is semi-open-world in nature. Exploration in One Punch Man World is made more immersive by variations in the weather, NPC interactions, and a variety of side diversions, such as mini games, in which players can also partake.


Based on the events of the One Punch Man anime, players will be able to engage in action RPG combat with several of the series' antagonists, including Deep Sea King, Carnage Kabuto, Boros, and others. Block, dodge, and fight your way through the game in three-dimensional space. Players can also develop their characters by unlocking and equipping new talents, branching out and learning new powers, and performing combos, among other things.


Players can also explore the environment of One Punch Man in free-roaming sequences, which are included in the game. Travel across numerous cities while experiencing day/night cycles, weather influences, and other aspects of daily life.

It is unfortunate that Perfect World Entertainment has not offered any information on when One Punch Man: World will be released. However, it is anticipated that this game would be made available for smartphones running Android and iOS, as well as for PCs. Those of you who are interested in registering can do so by going to the official registration website here.