OneXPlayer has revealed the X1 Mini which will feature a smaller screen, detachable controllers and a Ryzen 7 8840U APU

Enhancing gaming experience is said to be the main goal of OneXPlayer. However, after releasing the X1 portable earlier this year, a lot of reviews shared the same sentiment about the device not being the best it can be. Some of the flaws raised was it cannot be used as a laptop or a handheld gaming device, and that he screen was excessively large. That is why the company's newest X1 Mini handheld device will solve this issue by featuring a smaller screen and detachable controllers.


It can be recalled that the original X1 was bulky and awkward to grip, and it had a 10.95-inch screen. The aim is to use gamepads like any other controller—either with them linked to the screen or apart from the tablet. The tablet may be used as a regular tablet thanks to a unique stand. It even has a keyboard adapter that is optional, which completely converts it into a laptop (or so-called 2-in-1 gadget).

Now, the original X1 will get an update to AMD hardware, notably the Ryzen 7 8840U APU, according to OneXPlayer. Simultaneously, a teaser for the X1 Mini—a scaled-down tablet/gaming device—was released. The 8.8-inch screen is, in fact, smaller than many had anticipated, according to the manufacturer. Compared to the X1, the screen will have a refresh rate of up to 144Hz, which is higher. It's interesting that the resolution of the screen is left out.


Additionally, the company is assuring users that the SSD is interchangeable. It appears to employ the M.2 2230 SSD card form factor based on a photo of the SSD card slot that was uploaded on the crowdfunding page.

OneXPlayer X1 Mini features​

  • Customizable Storage: Thanks to the cutting-edge swappable SSD technology, users can easily adjust the storage on their device to suit their needs, be it for multimedia consumption, professional work, or gaming.
  • Advanced Performance: With its cutting-edge hardware, the X1 Mini can easily handle the most demanding games and apps, providing fluid and responsive gameplay.
  • Excellent music and Visual Experience: The gadget has an immersive sound system with Harman EFX-tuned music and a 144Hz refresh rate display for incredibly smooth images.
  • Versatile Gaming Controls: Detachable controllers give gamers of all stripes comfort and versatility by enabling both console-style and mobile gaming.
  • Extended Battery Life: The X1 Mini's long-lasting design guarantees that customers can engage in gaming and video consumption without the need for regular recharging.
  • Numerous Connectivity Options: The X1 Mini offers excellent connectivity by supporting a broad range of peripherals and enabling high-speed data transfers. It does this by having native OCulink and full-feature USB 4.0 ports.
The company directs prospective buyers to its Indiegogo page but does not confirm the price or the release date. Participating in hardware preorders is not advised, particularly for untested gadgets.


It is noteworthy that OneXPlayer also sells a handheld device called the "2 Pro," which has an 8.4-inch screen and a design that is more geared toward gaming. This version also includes a keyboard as an accessory.