ONIC Esports has open its recruitment for a new MLBB Coach

The top-performing MLBB team of Indonesia, ONIC Esports, has announced an open recruitment for its coaching development program in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Registrations are still open until November 25th and all is welcome to try.


However, applicants must meet certain requirements to qualify for the position and once they have proven themselves worthy of being the coach of ONIC Esports, they will not only handle the team’s top-tier rosters but also its Mobile Legends Development League (MDL) team, ONIC Prodigy.

For interested applicants, the following are the qualifications that you need to meet in order to be considered worthy to join ONIC Esports’ coaching development program in MLBB:
  • Not married yet
  • Minimum age of 20 years
  • Available full-time
  • Minimum rank of mobile legend is Mythical Glory
  • Having experience in the world of esports, MLBB or other MOBA games such as LOL, DOTA, etc. will be a plus
  • Can speak English well and fluently
  • Not under contract with another team
  • Ready to follow the recruitment/interview process from ONIC
Qualified candidates can scan the QR code below to start their application process or just fill up the form provided by clicking this link.