ONIC Philippines announces departure of Kairi after weeks of speculation that he’ll be playing overseas

ONIC Philippines announces that their superstar jungler has left the team. This is after weeks of speculation that Kairi “Kairi” Rayosdelsol will be moving overseas.


Kairi was also as sentimental as everyone else and shared his reaction to his departure from the organization on his personal Facebook page

The announcement of his departure further cemented the speculations that have been going around that he’ll be relocating to Indonesia. On his recent streams, he was also seen to be playing at what could be ONIC’s Indonesian bootcamp.

Moreover, the rumors further fueled up as ONIC PH’s former coach Paul Denver “Coach Yeb” Miranda, has also recently left the team and was speculated to have joined ONIC Indonesia. Neither rumors have been debunked nor confirmed.

Not only Coach Yeb and Kairi have left the team. Fellow ONIC teammate Karl Mico “Micophobia” Tarala Quitlong’s departure from the organization was announced days prior and was rumored to have joined Nexplay EVOS.