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    “HUNTER’S ARENA: LEGENDS” releases Promotional Video Demonstrating characters and how to survive

    Mantisco, the developer of Hunter’s Arena: Legends, have released their promotion video. The video features character introduction along with different ways to survive in a brutal MMA-like arena. The key message describes simple method of becoming a winner in the game that some might find difficult.


    The promotional video has been prepared so that the players can easily understand the combat mechanics for the 2nd closed beta test of Hunter’s Arena: Legends coming this April 22. It is expected that the video will be translated for countries in Asia, America, and Europe that host the closed beta.


    You can check the promotion video and detailed info of the 2nd closed beta on the pre sign-up page and the official Discord of Hunter’s Arena: Legends.

    More information about Hunter’s Arena: Legends for members of the press:


    Mantisco is an independent game studio based in Seoul, Korea. The team is composed of industry veterans that worked on such games as Street Fighter 3, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Lineage 2, Blade & Soul and more.

    SEOUL April 7th, 2020

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