Onmyoji Arena Guide for Building Teams


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Mar 24, 2015
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Guide ABCs for building a team as many people have these questions:

Who should I evolve first? Which Shikigami should I upgrade? What soul to wear? How should I build my team?

Some advice and tips are posted in this facebook group are for really advanced players, but not suitable for beginners. So I would like to give some advice to newbies who just started this game for less than one month.

There are many strategies and variations of team building for advanced players. But for beginners, the first and most important goal is to build a balanced team. A balanced team can carry you to go through most of PVE contents and also performs well in PVP.

First of all, you need to understand what is a balanced team and how to build it. A balanced team consists of a move bar booster, a orbs provider, a healer, a group control and a DPS.

Choice of a move bar booster: Kamaitachi > Yamausagi
Kamaitachi is better than Yama, but for beginners I recommend Yamausaqi. She is easier to get and once evolved, she can boost the move bar already.

(Try to save 4 Yamausaqi to pass Soul!) For Kamaitachi, you have to increase its skills to enable it to boost toolbar, which is difficult for beginners.

Souls: 4 sets of Fortune Cat or single items with Speed.
Soul 2: Speed and the rest souls must have speed

Choice of a orbs provider: Zashiki
She is the only choice for beginners. Other orbs providers haven't been released yet. Upgrade her to Grade 4 will be helpful in almost all battles in this game.

Souls: 4 sets of Fortune Cat or Azure Basan
Soul 2-4-6: Speed-HP-HP

Her speed must be faster than the group control so she can provide orbs for group control, making sure group control can have enough orbs to control the board all the time.

Choice of a group control: Yuki Onna, Yamawaro, Samurai
Everyone will get a free Yuki Onna at the beginning of the game. She is a very good group control with blizzard.

Souls: 4 sets of Mimic + 2 set of Effect Hit
Soul 2-4-6: Speed-Effect Hit-HP

Choice of a healer: Ebisu, Momo
I recommend ebisu for beginners because he is easier to build. Momo has to have 100% critical to be powerful, which is difficult for beginners.

Soul2-4-6: Speed-HP-HP
Souls: 4 sets of Jizo Statue, mirror lady or 3*2 sets to increase HP

It will be good if his speed is faster than group control, so he can put the flag in advance to heal those come after him.

Choice of a DPS: Ootengu >= Ibaraki Doji >= Ubume > Kuro Mujo
For beginners, I really recommend Ubume. She is one of the best SR in this game, easy to get, easy to build and really powerful. Ibaraki and Ootengu might be better but they are difficult to get and difficult to raise, if you have them, you can choose to upgrade them first. otherwise, building a Grade 6 ubume will be a milestone for you in this game.

Souls: for multiple attacks like Ootengu and Ubume, use seductress; for a single attack like Ibaraki and Kuro, use shadow. + 2 set to increase critical

Soul 2-4-6: Attack-Attack-Critical

Try to make your DPS 100% critical rate. After that, you can try to increase critical damage and attack.

Priority: Upgrade whole team to Grade 4 > DPS to Grade 6 > healers to Grade 5 > group control to Grade 5 > move bar booster to Grade 5 > orbs provider to Grade 5.

What I recommended here is really the best choices for beginners. There might be a better choice of shikigami and souls when you reach mid-game. When reaching that stage, you can have a lot of other powerful and interesting strategy for building teams, But I won’t cover those strategies here, because it's not that useful for beginners.

When you reach mid game, I might provide another guide for mid-game players. But how do I know I reached mid-game? Here is the milestone you need to reach:
1. Have a Grade 6 DPS
2. Pass through Soul 10, You can use time frozen strategy to pass. (with 4 Fortune Cat Yamausaqi and 1 dps
3. Able to team up to collect souls in Soul 10 regularly.

Once you can do all of above, congratulations, you reached the mid-game!