Onmyoji Arena to Open S9 Season by Dropping New Shikigami

Onmyoji Arena, the Japanese anime-style MOBA that features 5v5 real-time battles is today announced the opening of its S9 season Spring Flames. Derive from NetEase Games’ original IP Onmyoji, Onmyoji Arena has made its own way on creating new and original gaming contents. Each Shikigami joined the arena has developed a unique personality and an interactive gaming mode. To celebrate the grand opening of this S9 Season, Mt. Dream Hakuzosu will become part of the Shikigami family.

Download Onmyoji Arena today: https://go.onelink.me/Itdg/a5891405

After completion of the system maintenance and update, player who join the arena for S9 will be able to enjoy the following new features:

Mt. Dream Hakuzosu presents itself to all onmyojis

Being loved by players in the original game of Onmyoji, Hakuzosu is the spirit of a white fox, which turn itself into a handsome young man. As an assassin type of Shikigami, Hakuzosu can get transformed into either human form and Youkai form, its two sets of skills make it a harder-to-play character. Take on this challenge and join the arena with Hakuzosu!

Popular Shikigami Return with New Skin -- Enchantress Series

Legend has it that there are a group of Youkai that punish sinners in Heian-kyō and they are called -- Enchantress.

As a prelude to the new season, a new skin series -- Enchantress will be first introduced to three popular Shikigami, Ubume, Vampira and Ittan-momen. The three Enchantress respectively punish the sin of rage; the sin of greed, and the sin of lust. They make their way to Heian-kyō at night and hunt for sinners.

The 5v5 Single Line Combat Mode Mix-up Fight in Hazama Has Opened

Players can now enjoy a new 5v5 single-line entertainment mode, the Mix-up Fight in Hazama, which is designed to open for a faster pace combat.

Upon entering this game mode, the system will randomly assign a Shikigami to each player, or through a lucky draw. In a match, players can only buy items from the Base during the game's opening scene or at resurrection of the character. The Base no longer restores health and mana in Hazama, yet players will be given a variety of buff by the system to increase the fun of the battle.

The brave win! You players to experience in the game!

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