Onmyoji Arena × BLEACH Crossover Event Starts Today

Crossover Exclusive Characters Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki are Arriving in Heian-kyo Today with Their Respective Skins. This Time Let Us Fight to Protect!


Getsugatensho: Crossover Character Ichigo Kurosaki Debuts
"I will protect what is important to me. Name's Ichigo Kurosaki. Nice to meet ya!"

Highschooler from Karakura Town, with a heart of righteousness and steadfastness. After gaining the power of Soul Reaper from the wounded Rukia, he embarks a journey of battling with Hollows as a substitute Soul Reaper.

Ichigo Kurosaki has powerful combat features and is able to transform between different forms. Thus, the skill designs are centered on his steadfast combat skills as well as various forms, to highlight his sturdy combat features. Ichigo Kurosaki receives different buffs for his abilities in different forms. He is able to inflict Slow effects as well as close-range damage while going through consecutive stages of teleporting.


Soul Cutter: Ichigo Kurosaki's Brand-new Skin Available
On the execution platform, Zangetsu blossoms. Cloaked and bandaged, He emerges through the flames, Zanpakuto with the name of Zangetsu cuts into the ground before the executioner. A battle that will overwhelm the Soul Society is about to break ground.

The tip of Sokyoku points straight toward the heavens, a giant bird of flames soars into the sky. On the execution platform, she awaits her end. Yet he is determined to save her and would not look back. BLEACH Crossover character Ichigo Kurosaki's skin "Soul Cutter" will be freshly available, and can be obtained from the game starting from 5th Feb.

\\\overseas\G78\运营及投放素材\角色及皮肤宣传素材\死神联动相关\海外的图\黑崎一护原皮 英文.png

Dance Sodenoshirayuki: Crossover Character Rukia Kuchiki Debuting Soon
Through fog and moonlight, her figure becomes clearer in sight. In her hand is the most breath-taking Zanpakuto in all Soul Society - Sodenoshirayuki. She is a Soul Reaper from the Squad 13 - Rukia Kuchiki. To protect Ichigo and his family, Rukia shared with him her Soul Reaper power. Even when this had landed her in a death penalty, she had no regrets.

Rukia Kuchiki's Zanpakuto, Sodenoshirayuki, beautiful yet dangerous. Its basic attack deals Magic Damage to enemies in the game. The skill designs are based on the powers Rukia has shown in BLEACH, recreating the demonstrations of Somenomai Tsukishiro, Tsuginomai Hakuren, and Sannomai Shirafune. The ability set will allow for dynamic combinations and freezing of enemies. The abilities will be able to deal high damage as well as effective control effects in teamfights.


Unchanged Aspiration: Rukia Kuchiki's Brand-new Skin Available Soon
After making the decision of her life, she set off on a new journey. Even after witnessing more than enough hostility and cruelty, her kindness and resolution remain. BLEACH Crossover character Rukia Kuchiki's skin "Unchanged Aspiration" will be freshly available and can be obtained from the game starting from February 5th.

Tripled Bonuses: Onmyoji Arena × BLEACH Crossover Events Underway

\\\overseas\G78\运营及投放素材\角色及皮肤宣传素材\死神联动相关\海外的图\朽木露琪亚伴生皮 英文.png

Crossover Shop: Enjoy Discount Bonuses Exclusive to the Event
Choose any combinations from the character Ichigo Kurosaki and his skin Soul Cutter, and the character Rukia Kuchiki and her skin "Unchanged Aspiration". Purchase more items to enjoy better discounts!

※Each character or skin can only be purchased once and are only purchasable during the crossover event.


Soulcaller Shrine: Crossover Characters Unlocked
Take part in the exclusive event in Soulcaller Shrine, to obtain the characters of Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki. Draw for crossover character shards with Soulcaller Talismans and summon the corresponding character by collecting 50 shards.



Psychic War in Motion, Win Crossover Exclusive Rewards
Complete quests to receive rewards from the crossover events. Complete daily event quests to receive Psychic Talismans as rewards, to draw for crossover exclusive rewards. You will be able to draw for the next round of rewards once the target reward for the current round is obtained, or you can also choose to stay in the current round to spend more draw opportunities. Target rewards are [BLEACH Expression], [BLEACH Avatar Frame] and [Broadcast Theme: BLEACH].


Under a blood moon, Zanpakuto slashes through the darkness of the night, summoning the awakening forces in Heian-kyo. Onmyoji Arena × BLEACH crossover events officially commence today! Crossover exclusive characters Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki are arriving in Heian-kyo today with their respective skins! For more information about the game and previews to the events, please follow Onmyoji Arena's official Facebook page.

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