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Jul 20, 2018
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Kuro is at his best when his life is on the line -- so be sure to control him well or put him away for good! Read the guide below to learn how Kuro can inflict massive AOE damage -- both within his turn and without!

Kuro is an apprentice emissary in Hell, and in the game, he is a crit damage output type of Shikigami. He can deliver incredible AOE damage, whether it is within or outside his own turn. In general, Kuro has the following characteristics:

Strengths: Kuro possesses astounding output that relies on his master stroke to strike, with incredibly high damage, regardless if it is within or outside his own turn. Shikigami like Shouzu who can distribute the damage is hapless when up against his group attack.
Weaknesses: He is more afraid of control, and his multi-stage attacks can easily trigger the opponent's counter skills and soul effects.

Recommendation: Suitable for promotion by players who want to advance further in duels.
Application: Excellent performance in all kinds of large zone battles and duels.
Features: The number of stages in his master stroke increases as his HP decreases, hence he can complement souls like Seductress to output spectacular crit damage. The fact that he can be triggered passively outside his own turns, when he is being attacked, makes Kuro almost untouchable.

------Skill Analysis------
A very interesting normal attack. "Larger damage fluctuations" may seem like a confusing statement, but from actual tests, this simply means that the 100% coefficient in the normal attack may escalate up to 150%, or it may be reduced to 50%. That is, the damage coefficient of his attacks fluctuates within a range. But the main damage by Kuro is not determined by his normal attack, so we do not need to dwell too much on this.

Kuro's main skill lies in his counters. As stated in the skill description, this passive skill cannot be triggered by the Water Circuit of Shouzu. In addition, the Extra Slice that has been activated passively in this way continues to enjoy the soul effects that Kuro carries, on top of the additional segments, kill, and refresh effects inherent in Extra Slice itself.

There are two highlights. One is that when the HP level is depressed, the number of attack stages in that one stroke can be as high as 4. This allows Kuro to inflict heavy damage even when he is dying, and makes him a better fit for souls like the Seductress and Tomb Guard. The other is a kill and refresh effect that is similar to what Kuro Mujou has. After refreshing, Extra Slice will not consume additional orbs, allowing Kuro to complement counter teams with lower orb dependence. Note that the kill and refresh effect of this skill can be extended beyond Kuro's turns in PvE zones.

------Souls Selection------
Seductress (4-pc set) + Crit/ATK/Effect RES (2-pc set)
(Slot 2 - ATK; Slot 4 - ATK/Effect RES; Slot 6 - Crit/Crit DMG)
Seductress is the preferred soul for multi-stage output damage. Kuro can work with her to deliver substantial damage. When his HP level is low, he can strike effortlessly with his kill and refresh skill. ATK for slot 4 translates into an extreme damage quotient, while Effect RES for slot 4 is more to reduce risks. The same principle applies below.
Tomb Guard (4-pc set) + Crit/ATK/HP/Effect RES (2-pc set)
(Slot 2 - ATK; Slot 4 - ATK/Effect RES; Slot 6 - Crit/Crit DMG)
Kuro's skill mechanism decides that he can only deliver explosive output when he is on the verge of dying. But unlike Shikigami like Vampira who need to carry Scarlet, the counters are embedded in Kuro's skill itself, hence Tomb Guard, who can reap higher benefits with diminishing HP levels, is a pretty good soul choice for Kuro.
Soultaker (4-pc set) + Crit/ATK (2-pc set)
(Slot 2 - ATK; Slot 4 - ATK; Slot 6 - Crit/Crit DMG)
The objective of a Kuro-Soultaker combination lies in sacrificing the stacked Effect RES, and relies only on Soultaker's power to remove the effects of any control in order to seek the ultimate output. A Kuro that carries this soul can exert greater pressure on the HP levels of the opponents once the Soultaker's effects is triggered. As a soul choice like this does not specifically stack on Effect RES, it is recommended that the lineup includes Maestro to reduce the risks.

------Sample Team------
[Maestro] [Kagura]
As Kuro generally does not carry SPD in his slot 2 for souls, teammates like Maestro and Kagura can directly maximize Kuro's opportunities to output damage when they assign their turns to Kuro. Moreover, Kagura's ability to resurrect allows Kuro to continue to output even after he dies, and his risk of being controlled when he is resurrected is much lower.
Owing to his skill settings, Kuro can offer a lot of damage when his HP level is low, making him a Shikigami who can perform only when he is on the edge. A Shikigami like Momo with the ability to resurrect her teammates will provide the best shield and protection to lower the risks facing Kuro.
[Ame Onna] [Usagi]
Control Shikigami are Kuro's nemeses. He can demonstrate his damage capabilities only when he is not being controlled. So in this case, choosing Ame Onna or Usagi to counter controls is an excellent choice to optimize the output environment for Kuro.


Restrained Shikigami:
Hitotsume: Kuro is powerful as he has the ability to inflict damage on all enemies at once with one master stroke. However, when he encounters Hitotsume in such a situation, the latter's passive will lead to counter-damage on Kuro himself, and hence Kuro will be restrained and his HP level will be depleted as well.
Inugami: Similarly, because of the undifferentiated damage by Kuro's key skill, Inugami can be easily triggered to inflict a lot of counter damage on Kuro.
Samurai X, Yuki Onna, Hououga, Enma: Control type of Shikigami can easily constrain Kuro's damage output as they cause his passive counter to disappear without a trace, whether it is within his own active turns or outside his turns.

Restraining Shikigami:
Shouzu: Shouzu is designed to guard against single output damage. Her shield is useless when she is up against a group output Shikigami like Kuro.
Ootengu, Ubume: Group output Shikigami like these can easily set off Kuro's passive skill, leading to ultra high counter damage onto themselves, resulting in the cons outweighing the pros for their attacks.