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Jul 20, 2018
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Truth is the natural state of all things, and Regret is ever-present in men’s hearts.

Under the dim moonlight, demons wander around the street.
As the clouds cover the moon, the truth is hidden from the world.
Only that pair of eyes with red paints can find out the Truth and Regret.

With his Exorcism Sword, the Medicine Seller has returned to Heian-Kyo, continuing his searching for Form, Truth, and Regret.

Onmyoji x Mononoke Crossover Event (2nd time) has begun! Take your chance to get the limited time only SSR Medicine Seller!

As a limited SSR, Medicine Seller has the ability to "see through" his enemies and KO them in one strike!

Nonetheless, he is still a bit tricky to use. Do you want to master the Sword of Exorcism?
Check out this guide!


[Medicine Seller]
Coming from the fantasy world of Mononoke, Medicine Seller wields his Sword of Exorcism to seek Form, Truth, and Reason in the Heian world. As a limited-edition SSR damage-dealing Shikigami, his special Scale effect and his ability to “reveal” enemies allow him to finish off his enemy with one strike. Medicine Seller has the following features:

Strengths: 3 S-rated stats, including ATK, Speed, and Critical Hit Rate. Combining with an attack skill that can deal very high damage and a special passive skill, makes Medicine Seller a great DPS against a single target.

Weaknesses: The damage he deals is not consistent. The Scale mark triggers by chance, while the HP of his enemies needs to be depleted to a low level before he can “reveal” them.

Recommendation: Not highly recommended in PvE gameplay. Players who like to duel could consider using him.

Application: Performs great in duels and some of the Secret Zones.

Features: His passive skill has a special mechanic that inflicts a Scale mark on his enemies. When the marked enemy's HP is depleted to a low level, he has a chance of “revealing” them. Revealed enemies will be KO'd by him with one strike. This makes Medicine Seller not only a powerful damage dealer but also a finisher who can effectively finish off weakened enemies.

------Skill Analysis------

Normal attack "Shape Revealer"
Normal attack with no special effect.

Passive Skill "Truth and Reasoning"
After an enemy takes action, Medicine Seller has a 50% chance of observing the target and inflicting a Scale mark on the enemy. (Note: Even if there are multiple Medicine Seller in the party, this only triggers once) Enemies who survive Medicine Seller’s “Defense” skill will also be inflicted with a Scale mark.

Scale marks cannot be dispelled and can stack up to 3 layers.
When Medicine Seller attacks a target who has been marked, each Scale mark increases Medicine Seller’s damage by 33%. When the HP of the target with 1/2/3 Scale marks drops below 30%/40%/60%, the Scale marks disappear and the enemy is “revealed” for 2 turns.
After the latest update, Scale marks will now increase Medicine Seller's damage, with the chance of revealing his enemies is also increased, making him a more stable damage-dealer in battle.

Active Skill "Defense"
Medicine Seller unsheathe his sword and transforms into his inner self to attack a target, dealing damage equal to 263% of his ATK. If the target survives this attack, a Scale mark is added to the target. When used against a revealed target, extra damage equal to the target’s remaining HP (up to a maximum of 600% of Medicine Seller's ATK) is inflicted and the damage cannot be shared, transferred, or absorbed, and ignores the target's soul effects and passive skills.

This single-target, single-staged damage-dealing skill has two ways of dealing damage. Against an unrevealed target, it deals damage equal to 263% of Medicine Seller's ATK to a single target, similar to the skills possessed by other powerful single-target damage-dealing Shikigami. Against a revealed target, its special KO mechanic will be triggered, allowing him to empty the target's remaining HP as long as his ATK stat is high enough (since the damage cannot exceed 600% of Medicine Seller's ATK).

------New Mechanics------

A new type of buff that has a chance to be inflicted on an enemy after the enemy takes an action, or when Medicine Seller fails to KO the enemy with “Defense”. The effect is represented in the form of a golden ring effect under the enemy. Each additional Scale in the ring represents an additional layer of the effect. Scale marks cannot be dispelled and last indefinitely until Medicine Seller reveals an enemy. Scale marks can be inflicted onto any target, even bosses who are immune to all debuffs. In addition, Scale marks are not counted as debuffs so it will not increase the chance of Hououka inflicting Daze.

When the HP of a marked enemy drops below the amount required for Medicine Seller to reveal them, he dispels all Scale marks and reveals the enemy. The revealed state cannot be dispelled and lasts two turns, represented by a red eye mark above the enemy. Once a unit has been revealed, raising its HP above the threshold will not cause the revealed state to disappear.

Against a revealed enemy, Medicine Seller's “Defense” will be changed from a normal single-staged attack to a finisher that deals damage equal to the enemy's remaining HP (limited to 600% of Medicine Seller's ATK). This attack will not inflict crit and will not be affected by any reduction or bonus (including the damage bonus from the duel banner), and has the following features:

[Ignores all shielding effects]
The KOing attack depletes HP directly and ignores all shielding effects, including those created by Hako Shoujo, Ichimokuren, or Koi.

[Ignores Shouzu's damage-sharing effect from Water Circuit]
KOing damage will not be shared, which makes Shouzu's Water Circuit useless. This also does not trigger Soul Edge's effect or the attack-blocking effect of Kingyo's skill.

[Ignores the target's passive skills and Soul effects]
When Defense is used against revealed enemies, it will not trigger any of the target's passive skills or Soul effects that would normally be triggered by taking damage.

[KO triggers Tree Nymph's effect and Inugami's counter-attack for Shikigami other than the target]

The KOing attack only ignores the target's passive skills and Soul effects. The effect of Tree Nymph on other Shikigami, or the Inugami’s counter will still be triggered.

[Ignores the effect of Hako Shoujo's Retrace]
Against an enemy protected by Hako Shoujo's Retrace, the KO attack can deplete the target’s remaining HP without triggering the effect of Retrace.

[Cannot ignore Yao Bikuni's Divination Sigil or Kagura's Afterlife]
Against an enemy protected by Afterlife or Divination Sigil, the KOing attack will send the target to the Afterlife state or resurrection. Against an enemy protected by Divination Sigil, which reflects damage, Medicine Seller will take the KOing damage he dealt himself.

------Soul Selection------

[Fortune Cat or other supporting Soul sets on 4 slots + Attack Bonus Souls on 2 slots]

Main stats: Speed on slot 2 and Attack Bonus, HP Bonus, or Effect Resistance on slots 4 and Attack Bonus on 6. Sub stats: Anything but Effect Hit Rate.

It goes without saying that any Shikigami has a build equipped with Fortune Cats. And it's the same for Medicine Seller. Since the revealed state only lasts two turns, Medicine Seller needs to have high Speed for him to take actions before the revealed state expires. Speed on slot 2 together with Kamaitachi's Move Bar-raising effect allows Medicine Seller to achieve this.

Using ATK Bonus on slots 4 and 6 plus ATK Bonus Souls on the other 2 slots is useful because Medicine Seller's KOing damage is limited to 600% of his Attack. And in duels, the HP of all units are doubled, making the HP of an average Shikigami higher than 40k, while the HP of Shikigami whose HP stats are S-rated (Hana and Ichimokuren, for example) could reach as high as 60k. So Medicine Seller requires a high ATK to make sure he can KO the target.

However, Fortune Cat can be changed to Tree Nymph, Senecio, Jizo, Mirror Lady, or other supporting Soul sets based on your lineup to increase his chance of survival and taking actions. You can choose to equip either HP Bonus or Effect Resistance Souls on slot 4 as you see fit.

Medicine Seller can be seen as a half damage dealer/half supporter thanks to his KOing ability. However, Medicine Seller's damage is not as impressive when the enemy is not revealed, so he needs other damage-dealing Shikigami to deplete the target's HP to a low level first. But the effects of the Soul sets he has equipped can provide support to the lineup. When his allies have depleted the enemy's HP low enough to allow him to reveal the enemy, Medicine Seller can quickly finish off the target.

[Shadow or Claws Soul set on 4 slots + Critical Hit Rate Souls on 2 slots]

Main stats: ATK Bonus on slots 2 and 4, plus Critical Damage on slot 6. Sub stats: Invest everything in Critical Hit Rate or Critical Damage if only Critical Hit Rate is 100%.

This is a traditional damage-dealing configuration. Unlike the previous configuration that focuses on his KOing attack, this configuration treats Medicine Seller as a pure damage dealer who focuses on dealing damage while enemies are in the non-revealed state. The 263% damage rate of his attack skill is as high as Lord Arakawa and Ibaraki Doji's skill. In this way, Medicine Seller can be seen as a traditional damage dealer whose KOing attack as an extra feature.

Note that when Medicine Seller is used as a traditional damage dealer, he is weak against Shouzu, Ichimokuren, and Shikigami equipped with the Soul Edge or Mirror Lady Soul set.

In addition, since this build focuses on Critical Hit Rate and Critical Damage, it has the weaknesses of traditional damage dealers in being slow in Speed, low in HP, and little to no resistance against control skills, making him vulnerable to single-target damage dealers and controlling Shikigami on the opposing side.

The good thing is that this build makes Medicine Seller strong enough to be the sole damage dealer in a lineup where his allies only need to provide support.

[3 Sets of ATK Bonus]

3 sets of ATK Bonus. Main stats: ATK Bonus on 2, 4 and 6. Sub stats: Invest everything in ATK Bonus.

By abandoning Soul effects and Speed, this configuration maximizes Medicine Seller's ATK and can be used in PvE gameplay. Since his Scale mark can be inflicted on bosses, Medicine Seller with this build is made for PvE gameplay where, after revealing the target, he can deal 50k-60k true damage without any reductions. Although when compared to Shuten Doji’s skill, which also inflicts 600% of ATK and can also inflict critical damage, Medicine Seller's output falls a little bit behind (since “Defense” cannot critical), Medicine Seller’s KOing attack ignores the target's passive skills and Soul effects, making him effective against bosses in Secret Zones and Area Bosses of various soul effects.

------Sample Team------

Kamaitachi, Yamausagi, Oitsuki

Medicine Seller’s best partners would be Shikigami with high Speed and ability to gain orbs. The ATK Bonus effects they provide can also boost Medicine Seller's ATK and increase the lethal range of his KO attack.

Ichimokuren, Hako Shoujo, Shouzu

Although Medicine Seller is their nightmare when standing on the different side, as allies they are reliable protectors of Medicine Seller. In addition, the ATK Bonus effect provided by Ichimokuren's shield could also increase the lethal range of Medicine Seller’s KO attack.



Shield-creating Shikigami including Ichimokuren, Koi, and Hako Shoujo, etc.

Damage-sharing Shikigami including Shouzu, Kingyo, and any Shikigami equipped with the Soul Edge sets.

Since the KO attack cannot be shared, transferred, or absorbed while in the revealed state, these Shikigami has no power to stop Medicine Seller. However, under the protection of these Shikigami, weakening the target enough to “reveal” them is not an easy job.


Controlling Shikigami including Hououka, Samurai X, Yuki Onna, Yumekui, etc.

Shikigami with control skills have always been a nightmare for DPS Shikigami since they can prevent damage dealers from attacking by inflicting them with negative effects. Since the revealed state only lasts two turns, if Medicine Seller is controlled during this period, he will lose the chance to finish his enemies.

Onmyoji: Yao Bikuni and Kagura

Yao Bikuni's damage reflection and revival effects and Kagura's Afterlife have always been a headache to any Shikigami who deal explosive single-target damage. Unlike other shikigami who can choose another enemy to attack, Medicine Seller cannot change the target he has revealed so he would be in for an even more serious headache when facing these two Onmyoji.