Onmyoji Ootengu Guide


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Jul 20, 2018
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Ootengu , I know it's usually considered as a DPS but he can do much more.
We all know his skill is an AOE and have 4 hits, which means he can use some control soul such as Mimic, Temptress, Dawn Fairy. I don't recommend Snow Spirit and Priestess because its basic chance is too low.

If you use ootengu as CC, you may want to improve its SPD,ATK/HP and EFF HIT(except dawn fairy). All control soul can't go through shields so if you bring crit and your opponent have Jizo Statue, I can only wish you good luck. And if they use Sea Spirite, you need to do another round so maybe Maestro and Sakura can be great help.

BTW,I got the names of shikigami and souls on a website so it's easier for me to post more things. Tell me about the shikigami you want to know down below, I may write about them.

P.S. CN version is going to have Higanbana's new skin challenge today, wish me luck

Sometimes merely controlling a battle isn’t enough. That’s where Ootengu comes in. His Vortex Assault and Blade Storm can help put the opposing side away for good.

Ootengu is a Shikigami with an extremely high quotient for comprehensive combat.
In general, Ootengu has the following characteristics:

Strengths: Ootengu equipped with the Seductress will not be affected by Shuzu's connections, and he can still unleash considerable attack damage.

Weaknesses: Ootengu has low HP and DEF, so it is easy to knock him down.
Recommendation: Highly recommended. He is one of the best candidates for a priority upgrade to 6 stars.

Application: He is indispensable in the Evo zone, Soul Zone, duels, and Kirin Hunt.

Features: In duels, Ootengu can leverage his attack bonus within the turn to launch an offensive to suppress the enemy and gain the upper hand. He can also rely on his characteristic negation of a single control effect to become the best DPS Shikigami on a team. These two characteristics produce an incredibly imposing combination, making Ootengu one of the best Shikigami in duels.

------Skills Analysis------
[Vortex Assault]
A normal attack with a slightly higher damage quotient.

[Wings of Steal]
His passive skill has two aspects: 1. An Attack bonus within his turn; 2. A negation of one control effect outside his turn. Note that before Ootengu activates his negation to any control effect, he will attempt to resist. If his resistance is successful, then this passive skill will not disappear. In addition, this skill will treat multi-stage control attacks, such as the 3-stage control attack by Yuki Onna, as only one control, and nothing will happen to Ootengu as his passive skill will offset the impact. This immunity effect is useless against sealing spells. If Ootengu is sealed in the current turn, the passive effect still exists, but the passive skill will not be reactivated in the next turn.

[Blade Storm]
This damage skill is the highest group AoE in the game and can be complemented with souls like the Seductress and Mimic. You can mix and match with different soul effects to determine which yields the maximum desired impact.

------Souls Selection------
Seductress (4-pc set) + ATK/Crit (2-pc set)
(Slot 2 - ATK; Slot 4 - ATK; Slot 6 - Crit/Crit DMG)
The Ootengu with Seductress 4-pc set will shine spectacularly not only in PVE play, but also in duels where Ootengu can maximize the effect of his own unique characteristics (attack bonus within his turn). This is particularly useful in the lower stages.

Mimic/Temptress (4-pc set) + Effect HIT /ATK (2-pc set)
(Slot 2 - SPD; Slot 4 - Effect HIT; Slot 6 - ATK)
An option that is purely focused on control effects. Slot 6 must carry the attack attribute in order to not trigger the shield by a Jizo Statue which will counteract the control effect. This kind of soul selection can achieve the best control effect. In duels, because of the "damage dealt up" effects, Ootengu equipped with control souls could give impressive damage after a few turns.

Mimic/Temptress (4-pc set) + Effect HIT (2-pc set)
(Slot 2 - SPD; Slot 4 - ATK; Slot 6 - Crit/Crit DMG)
An option that focuses on control effects and attack. His 4-stage attack could enhance the chance of the control effect when he equipped with Mimic or Temptress. When compared with a pure control Shikigami, Ootengu's attack will be higher.

Dawn Fairy (4-pc set) + Crit (2-pc set) (Slot 2 - SPD; Slot 4 - ATK; Slot 6 - Crit DMG)
For Ootengu with Dawn Fairy, Crit DMG is essential for slot 6 as Dawn Fairy is unaffected by the Effect HIT. For the very same reason, slot 4 should focus on ATK for greater damage impact. When up against opponents who have Shikigami with team thruster skills, it will be better for Ootengu to team up with Shikigami with control effects like Samurai X, Yuki Onna, and Hououga.

------Sample Team------
[Samurai X]
Samurai X and Ootengu form a good team that is great for fast-paced attacks. As an excellent control Shikigami, Samurai X has very high effective hit probabilities with an exceptional control effect. Whether Ootengu is equipped with Mimic, Temptress, Dawn Fairy, or any other control souls, this combination can stop enemies in their turns.

Shishio and Ootengu are great partners on a team. One has control negating skill outside his turn, while the other has a probability to deflect the control effect. Both of them have the characteristics of control and attack. Together, they can easily grasp the advantages of speed, restrain the enemy, and secure the victory.