Onmyoji Shouzu system and how to kill them


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Jul 20, 2018
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Shouzu system is developed to defeat fast strike team and team with Higan. If you want to defeat it, here's some tips

1.You need to take down its core once and for all
2.Your team must also has surviving abailty.
3.Don't be rush.

Pic 1 is the team I usually use to deal with a Shouzu system,I wrote how to use it.

Pic 2 is my friends' team about how to deal with it,I haven't prepare its soul yet but I will tell you how to make it work.

Team1:You got Nura? I got two!
This team is a bold move because if your opponent have Ame Onna, your Nura's buff will be cleaned.

Team2:Rain & Fire!
[Hako Shoujo is to defeat Higan, you can change her to Chin or Hannya if need]
This is a new way to deal with Shouzu. It's to make sure your Opponent can't move at all.It's also a Tier 1 team in
CN version‘s PVP.
First you use Kamaitachi to let your team move:
Let Onna rain, get your opponent a slow buff
Let your Hououka use her skill.
Let your seimei open his shield.
Repeat what I said.

Team 2 is very hard to make because you need to do many things to make it.Let me tell you some thing about how hard it is to make it:
1.Your Kamaitachi must be fast and get the first to move.
2.Onna and Hououka must use SPD and Hououka need at least 100 EFF HIT
3.This team needs a lot of orbs so you may need A lot of Fortune Cat.
4.If you triggered Tree Nymph or even worse,Senecio, you may lose.

Actually there's other form of Team 2 I gonna talk about it later.