Onmyoji: The World’s Official Cinematic Announcement Trailer is Now Released

NetEase Games’ has revealed the official cinematic announcement trailer of Onmyoji: The World at their annual games showcase, NetEase Connect 2021.


Onmyoji: The World is a new spinoff of the Onmyoji series that has had hundreds of millions of downloads since 2016. The game will have a turn-based style gameplay and has a promising revolutionary storyline and graphics. You could actually see it in the trailer below how visually amazing the graphics are.

In Onmyoji: The World, players will assume here the character of an Onmyoji who roams and fights with shikigami(a Japanese folklore spirit) in between worlds. NetEase Games’ noted that the game will support cross-platform play, however they didn’t say what platforms the game will be released in.


NetEase Games’ didn’t really give much details about Onmyoji: The World aside from the trailer at their annual games showcase. The release date of the game wasn’t also revealed but, just stay tuned for further details that will be released.
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