Onmyoji Usagi Guide


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Jul 20, 2018
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Keep getting controlled in battle? Then Usagi might be a useful addition to your line up!

Usagi's special skill dispels all paralyzing debuffs on one of his teammates and even raises the move bar!

Usagi is one of the few control reliever type of Shikigami in the game, and his mechanism of releasing the control is very unique, and the only one of its kind in the game. In general,

Usagi has the following characteristics:
Strengths: He can relieve controls like Daze and Morph, which other similar type of Shikigami cannot remove. On top of that, when he removes the controls, he will add a thrust effect to boost that Shikigami’s speed.

Weaknesses: As a control reliever, his ability to fend off controls on himself depends entirely on the Effect RES stat. In addition, he cannot provide relief for control effects like Silence, Confuse, and Taunt.

Recommendation: Suitable for promotion by players who focus on duels.

Application: Outstanding performance against certain Shikigami in duels.

Features: He can relieve any control effect that places a restriction on action and adds a thrust effect when he removes the control. This is an immense help to the core Shikigami as they can now get rid of controls. Usagi is a Shikigami with a relatively powerful strategic significance.

------Skill Analysis------

His normal attack is just plain normal.

Usagi needs carrots to remove controls, and carrots are supplied by his passive skill. When his stock of carrots is full, he will enjoy an Effect RES bonus of up to 160%, which is a great help for Usagi in removing the controls placed on his by other Shikigami.

Usagi's core anti-control skill can only relieve 4 control effects which are Freeze, Daze, Morph, and Sleep. No matter how many carrots he has, he can only dispel control effects for one teammate. When his stock of carrots is at its maximum, the thrust effect can benefit up to 4 friendly allies. Control removal with the thrust effect mechanism allows lineups that include Usagi to easily find opportunities to counter when up against a corresponding control lineup.

------Souls Selection------
Fortune Cat (4-pc set) + Effect RES (2- pc set)
(Slot 2 - SPD; Slot 4 - Effect RES; Slot 6 - HP)
As he himself does not carry any control deflection skill, Usagi must stack on Effect RES to protect himself from being controlled. SPD in slot 2 maximizes the frequency of action for Usagi so as he has more opportunities to remove the controls. Fortune Cat is an excellent match for a Usagi with many opportunities to act, and the 2 orbs that this soul set produces will help Usagi to meet the orb requirements to use his skill.
Mirror Lady (4-pc set) + Effect RES (2-pc set)
(Slot 2 - SPD; Slot 4 - Effect RES; Slot 6 - HP)
When Usagi appears, it is usually to deal with certain specific Shikigami. In this case, it is highly likely that the top priority of the enemies will be to eliminate Usagi. Using a defensive counter tactic like the Mirror Lady set can ensure Usagi's own survival to the greatest extent possible, so that Usagi continues to be a sore point for the opponent.

------Sample Team------
Usagi's ability to remove controls helps ensure that Shishio can steadily output when they are placed together in a specific lineup. On top of that, this pair can leverage Shishio's thrust effect to disrupt the rhythm of the opponent, making them one of the best partners for each other.

Similarly, in particular lineups, the control removal plus thrust effect of Usagi can significantly reduce the risk of Kuro being controlled. Kuro is one Shikigami who can deliver a tremendous amount of damage the moment he strikes. At his maximum power, he can easily devastate an entire enemy squad for a quick victory.

Kamaitachi, Yamausagi
When Usagi's control removal, with thrust effect skill, complements the group thrust impact created by the likes of Kamaitachi and Yamausagi, it injects a huge boost into the frequency of actions by their own teammates that significantly increases the battle stats of the whole team. Often, this combination will generate a surprising victory.

Restrained Shikigami:
Enma: Although Usagi can remove the Morph control by Enma, he is helpless against Enma’s Silence, which will paralyze his for two turns.
Samurai X: Samurai X's Taunt is a group control skill that is outside the scope of controls that Usagi can dispel.

Restraining Shikigami:
Hououga, Yamawaro: Usagi can effectively remove the Daze control effect of this type of Shikigami.
Yuki Onna: The Freeze effect from Shikigami like Yuki Onna can be dispelled by Usagi with ease.
Yumekui: The sleep control effect that Yumekui has is another effect that Usagi can remove effortlessly.