Onmyoji Yasha Guide


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Jul 20, 2018
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Like to gamble with wild hooks and knockout punches? Yasha might be your answer! Read below to learn more about Yasha's all or nothing attack style!


Yasha is a very unique output Shikigami.

His output method cannot be simply classified as either a single or group output. Instead, it is probably more correct to call it a random, multi-target output. Not only are his targets random, but his output capacity is also very unpredictable. Yasha possesses an extremely high upper limit that allows him to eliminate enemies in one swift stroke, and a pathetic lower limit that often results in nothing more than a single, mediocre attack.

His HP and DEF stats are all C, while his ATK, SPD, and Crit stats are all S-class, making him a typical, fragile output Shikigami. However, his 12% crit is one of the highest crit rates in the game (the other two highest rates are enjoyed by SSR Shikigami: Yoto Hime, and Tamamonomae. Tamamonomae is currently not available in the English version).

Overall, the quality of his performance is very random. Because of this huge uncertainty, his appearance in all kinds of situations is rare. He is also not recommended for promotion to grade 6.

In PvE battles, like those against Kraken and Kirins, he can be useful with his occasional high damage. But when it comes to PvP like duels, his spotty luck might not be worth a spot in your line up. But if you like to roll the dice, you might as well just give him a shot for pure entertainment. When Lady Luck smiles on you, you may be able to win with just one strike.

Skill Analysis

Massacre: Normal attack. Nothing fancy.

Fiend: Passive skill with a probability to increase his speed when dealing damage.
As this passive skill improves the SPD of Yasha, it indirectly increases the frequency of his attacks. The SPD stat can be stacked, so Yasha can carry Scarlet to trigger his passive skill when he counters.

Underworld Sea: Yasha attacks the target to inflict damage equivalent to 198% of his ATK with a 50% probability to attack a random enemy target continuously.
This is Yasha's core output skill. After he attacks the target, he has a 50% probability to attack a random enemy, and the random enemy can be the same or different target. The continuous attacks can be triggered many times, and the probability of each trigger is 50%. So, if you have the luck, you can immediately reduce your opponents to dust with just one trigger. But if it is not your day, it may end up as just a single attack with no further continuation. This is the very reason why Yasha's output is so unpredictable. This skill is very similar to what Youko has, except that Youko is a single output type and his continuous attacks are directed at the same target when his skill is triggered. Yasha, on the other hand, can attack many different targets.

Souls Selection

Seductress: Slot 2 - ATK; Slot 4 - ATK; Slot 6 - Crit/Crit DMG
What Yasha offers is a multistage attack, which is suitable for the Seductress, and creates a higher probability to trigger output damage by the Seductress. With Seductress, crit must be stacked to the max. If you have great souls, try to pack as much Crit and Crit DMG as possible so that Yasha can deliver very high damage. If you have only average souls, then try to put Crit as the main attribute in slot 6 with Crit DMG and ATK as the secondary attributes.

Claws: Slot 2 - ATK; Slot 4 - ATK; Slot 6 - Crit/Crit DMG
Claws is also very suitable for Yasha. Regardless if there is a Crit, there is a probability to set off Claws. With Claws, Crit DMG will be better for slot 6, and Yasha should stack on Crit as the secondary attribute to 70% or higher.

Scarlet: Slot 2 - ATK; Slot 4 - ATK; Slot 6 - Crit/Crit DMG
Because the passive effect can increase SPD when damage is inflicted, Yasha can also carry Scarlet to work with Shuzu. When Scarlet is triggered, Yasha can increase his SPD and his frequency to act.

Shadow: Slot 2 - ATK; Slot 4 - ATK; Slot 6 - Crit/Crit DMG
Shadow is set off when the enemy's HP level is above 70%. Its main purpose is to reinforce the first wave of damage. But its disadvantage is that once the enemy's HP level falls below 70%, the soul effect will not be activated, and the subsequent damage may not be sufficient.

Sample Team

1. Thruster (Kamaitachi/Yamausagi) + Control (Yuki Onna/Yamawaro) + Recovery (Ebisu/Momo) + Orbs (Zashiki) + Yasha
This is a standard, balanced line up. Yasha is responsible for output with a chance to win in one strike. Here, Yasha can carry Seductress, Claws, or Shadow.

2. Kamaitachi + Ebisu + Shuzu + Samurai X + Yasha
This is a counter lineup supported by Shuzu. Kamaitachi is to carry Fortune Cat, while Shuzu and Ebisu can carry Fortune Cat, Tree Nymph, Jizo Deity or Mirror Lady. Samurai X can carry Jizo Deity or Mirror Lady (or Senecio when Senecio is available) and Yasha should carry Scarlet. Once Shuzu activates her Water Circuit, she can trigger the counters of a Yasha-Scarlet combination and lift up Yasha's SPD to increase his output frequency. Shuzu with Ebisu and a Kamaitachi equipped with Fortune Cat can supply orbs to the whole team. Samurai X can provide control at lower orb consumption.